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Aurora M10 DOB LED downlight

Fire Rated LED Downlight Aurora M10 (Various Options)

Product-code: M10

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RRP: £71.67

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Quick Overview

The new Aurora M10 DOB LED downlight is a new revelation in the downlighting technology. The new driver-on-board (DOB) allows a PCB style, capacitor free LED driver to be fitted onto the LED chip. This presents many new advances but without an increase in price.

The Aurora M10 DOB LED downlight is proving to be a revelation in the fast moving world of downlighting technology. Containing the all new DOB (driver-on-board) which is a PCB (printed circuit board) style, capacitor free LED driver that is attached directly onto the circuit board. This feature presents many advantages when compared to other downlights, the main one being that there is no separate LED driver, often the weakest and least reliable component of an LED downlight.

Although this technology is fairly new, the M10 remains competitively priced when compared to other downlights. By using fewer components like no LED driver, Aurora have kept prices to a minimum. It is covered by 67 International Patents and presents a huge leap forward for LED lighting technology in general.

It is fire rated as standard and available in dimmable and cheaper non dimmable options. Now brighter than the I9 version, it boasts up to 460 lumens for warm white and 550 lumens for cool white. Consuming just 10 watts it provides huge energy savings when compared to a 50 watt halogen but without any reduction in light output. With a robust die cast aluminium bezel which is available in a choice of three finishes; matt white, polished chrome and satin nickel.

Like with many other Aurora products there are a great range of accessories available such as hole converter plates, emergency packs and the insulation cover cap. The insulation cover cap allows thermal insulation to be placed over the downlight. This is another industry first for an integrated style LED Downlight. 

Another key selling feature of this downlight is that it is supplied with a fast-fix connector, this connector allows the majority of the wiring to be done at ground level and helps to speed up installation times. Once the corresponding connector is terminated into the mains cable, the M10 downlight can then be plugged in and out very easily if any maintenance is required.

After over a year in development the trimless version of the M10 has just become available. It is IP65 rated as standard and supplied with either a white or black trim.


  • Wattage: 10 watt  / Comparable brightness to a 50 watt halogen
  • Voltage: Mains 240V, no other items are required.
  • Cap / base: N/A The LED is integrated into the downlight.
  • Position: Fixed or adjustable.
  • IP Rating:
    - Fixed version is IP65 suitable for bathroom zones 1 and 2.
    - Adjustable version is IP20.
  • Adjustable versions tilts by 20 degrees and has a 355 degrees rotation.
  • Material: Die cast aluminium bezel included in the price.
  • Finish: Available in matt white, polished chrome and satin nickel. Choose from the product options.
  • Colour temperatures:
    - Extra warm 2700K (only available on some options)
    - Warm white 3000K
    - Cool white 4000K.

  • Colour rendering index:  80 CRI
  • Lumen output:
    Extra warm 450 lms 
    Warm white 460 lms
    Cool white 550 lms
  • Part L Compliant.
  • Fire rated: Yes, fully fire rated. Tested for 30, 60 and 90 minute ceilings.
  • Beam angle: 40 degrees, new replaceable lens available allows you to change to 24 or 60 degree beams. See related products.
  • Insulation coverable when fitted with an insulation cover cap. See AU-ICC50 for fixed and AU-ICC72 for adjustable.
  • Dimmable: Optional see product options. The adjustable is dimmable as standard. We recommend the Varilight V-Pro range when dimming LEDs.
  • LED driver included: Yes new DOB (driver on board) design.
  • Life expectancy: 40,000 hours.
  • Manufacturer: Aurora Lighting / Aurora M10 downlight.
  • 5 Year guarantee

Download the latest 2014 M10 DOB Brochure: CLICK HERE

M10 Fixed
  • Hole cut out size: 65 to 72mm. For larger holes of 85 to 145mm we have a hole converter plate. 
  • Rim diameter: 88mm 
  • Overall depth: 95mm / 118mm with the insulation cover cap.

M10 Adjustable

  • Hole cut out size: 85mm
  • Rim diameter: 98mm
  • Overall depth: 110mm

M10 Trimless

  • Hole cut out size: 90mm
  • Rim diameter: 78mm
  • Overall depth: 130mm

M10 Baffle

  • Hole cut out size: 65 to 72mm
  • Rim diameter: 88mm
  • Overall depth: 105mm

Approvals & Regulations

  • Aurora M10 DOB downlights comply with Building Regulations; Part B (fire safety), Part C (moisture protection), Part E (acoustics).
  • Both the warm white 3000K and the cool white 4000K versions fully comply with Part L1 (energy efficiency).
  • The cool white version also complies with Part L2.

Fixed Non Dimmable

  • AU-FRL801/27 - Extra warm white - Dimmable Only in 2700K
  • AU-FRL801/30 - Warm white 3000K 
  • AU-FRL801/40 - Cool white 4000K 

Fixed Dimmable

  • AU-FRLD811/27 - Extra warm white 2700K
  • AU-FRLD811/30 - Warm white 3000K 
  • AU-FRLD811/40 - Cool white 4000K

Bezels (specific bezel supplied when you select which finish you require)

  • AU-BZ600MW - Matt white
  • AU-BZ600SN - Satin nickel
  • AU-BZ600PC - Polished chrome

Adjustable (Dimmable as standard)

  • AU-FRLD812MW/30 - Matt White - Warm white 3000K
  • AU-FRLD812PC/30 - Polished Chrome - Warm white 3000K
  • AU-FRLD812SN/30 - Satin Chrome - Warm white 3000K
  • AU-FRLD812MW/40 - Matt White - Cool white 4000K
  • AU-FRLD812PC/40 - Polished Chrome - Cool white 4000K
  • AU-FRLD812SN/40 - Satin Chrome - Cool white 4000K

Trimless (Dimmable as standard)

  • AU-FRLD814/30+AU-BZ604W - White - Warm white 3000K
  • AU-FRLD814/40+AU-BZ604W - White - Cool white 4000K

Baffle (anti-glare)

  • AU-FRLD813/27 - 2700K
  • AU-FRLD813/30 - 3000K
  • AU-FRLD813/40 - 4000K

Bezels (specific bezel supplied when you select which finish you require

  • AU-BZ600SN - Satin nickel
  • AU-BZ600PC - Polished chrome
  • AU-BZ600MW - Matt white

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