Bathroom Lighting

Here at, we offer illuminating lighting solutions at fantastic prices. If you are searching for the best lighting options for your bathroom then you've certainly come to the right place.

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Bathroom Lighting
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    Mains Voltage LED Marker Light IP67 Stainless Steel Aurora Enlite
    Mains Voltage LED Marker Light IP67 Stainless Steel Aurora Enlite
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If you're seeking bathroom lighting products and downlights for bathrooms, we have an extensive selection to choose from, all offering excellent value and meeting the latest safety standards.

Bathroom Downlights to Fit your Home

Downlights are a great way to illuminate your space, without having large unsightly light fittings intruding in your home. They are effective and attractive, while being barely noticeable when they are not switched on. Here at you can find bathroom downlights at various prices to suit your budget and different models to suit your needs. Browse the range available right here and shop online today.

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The range of bathroom downlights available here at includes some of the very best around, and we should know as this is our field of expertise. We know attractive, effective lighting and the downlights for sale on this page offer quality and great value.

So, consider your requirements and your budget and then choose fabulous bathroom downlights right here. Shop online today to take advantage of our excellent prices or contact us now to discuss your particular needs.

LED Downlights

Just like in any other room in a house, it is important to conserve energy. Using bathroom LED downlights instead of halogen can save you up to ninety percent in your electricity costs. LED also lasts between 20 to 40 times longer meaning you don't have to keep replacing you bulbs.

For an even longer lasting lighting solution, the integrated LED downlights such as the Halers H2 Pro550 lasts up to 70,000 hours, a true fit and forget alternative. This modern style of downlighter has a non-replaceable LED but fear not it comes with a 7 year guarantee and should last for over 30 years if used for 3 hours per day!

Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is one of the most trickiest rooms to illuminate in your home. Water and electricity don't mix. Greater care needs to be taken when choose downlights and general lighting products. You should ensure that any light fixture you install in a bathroom has a minimum IP rating of IP44.

Bathroom Zones

When electrical equipment is installed into bathrooms, specific regulations must be followed because water and electricity don't mix. The rules about bathroom zones apply to other electrical wiring installations, not just lighting circuits. If you would like more information about bathroom zones, click on the link below:

We have further information about bathroom zones and IP ratings.

If you're looking for some advice or inspiration about take a look at our bathroom lighting ideas and tips page.