Dimmable GU10 LEDs & Downlight Compatibility

One of the main questions we get asked is which LED downlights are compatible with which dimmer switches. To set the records straight we created some videos that show our test results. We chose one of our most popular dimmable GU10 LEDs and five integrated LED downlights. The tests were performed with a variety of five different dimmer switches which included the Lutron Grafik Eye which is a home automation system.

Each one of the dimmer switches is programmable, this means you can adjust the settings of the dimmer to match the brand of LED and the load (wattage) on the circuit. This generates lots of variables so we chose to use a quantity of six lights for each test. Six lights is a popular quantity that would be installed in an average size room and is medium load for the dimmer switches to handle.

Here is our presentation that shows a neat summary of our findings:

Each of the videos can be viewed below:

Video 1 - EcoLED ZEP1 Integrated Downlight

Video 2 - JCC FGLED6 Integrated Downlight

Video 3 - Halers H2 Pro Integrated Downlight

Video 4 - Aurora M10 Integrated Downlight

Video 5 - Click Scolmore Integrated Downlight

Video 6 - Megaman 6W Dimmable GU10 LED


Our tests found that the best dimmable integrated LED downlight was the JCC FGLED6. We only tested one dimmable GU10 LED which was the Megaman 6 watt which outperformed all of the integrated lights. We've implemented many other tests over the years with GU10 LEDs that included brands such as Philips and Aurora. These brands tend to change quite often and we wanted to keep this as current as possible.

The Megaman 6 watt GU10 has always dimmed very well and is a personal favourite of ours. When dimming this with the Lutron Rania dimmer switch, we recommend installing a resistive load which vastly improves the dimming performance. The Varilight V-Pro rotary dimmer worked with all of the lights we tested which was expected as it's a universal dimmer switch that has both leading edge and trailing edge outputs.

We only found one combination that wouldn't work which was the EcoLED ZEP1 with Lightwave RF wireless. However, the ZEP1 did work perfectly well with the wired version of Lightwave RF.

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