Gledopto Zigbee & Wi-Fi control products allow you to control LED strips and other LED lights on your new or existing system.

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  1. Gledopto 5 in 1 Smart Controller
    Smart Controller ZigBee 3.0 Compatible Gledopto
    £35.80 Incl. VAT
    10 In Stock | More Available In Usually 3-4 weeks
  2. Gledopto Zigbee 3.0 Triac AC Dimmer
    Dimming Module ZigBee 3.0 Compatible Gledopto
    £29.94 Incl. VAT
    More Available In Usually 3-4 weeks
  3. ZigBee LED Controller RGB CCT Smart LED Controller Gledopto
    LED Strip Light Kit RGB+CCT Compatible with Zigbee Gledopto
    £23.70 Incl. VAT
    29 In Stock | More Available In Usually 3-4 weeks

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Finally an LED control system that connects with other systems. Integrate new runs of LED tape onto your App such as Philips Hue or SmartThings with the Gledopto receiver modules.

Capable of controlling single colour and a variety of colour changing LED strips, these receivers provide a universal and affordable option.