LED Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights provide much more than just light, they contribute to the style and décor of your room.

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LED Ceiling Lights
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The right LED ceiling light will compliment your aesthetics, helping to emphasize the design elements by matching or contrasting the environment. They can add the finishing touch to complete your ideal lighting vision.

Not only do you need to consider the style and design elements of the physical ceiling light but you also need to consider colour temperature. Colour temperatures allow you to set mood of your environment and accent the walls, ceilings and furnishings you've combined.

Do you want your lighting effect to feel warm and homely? Or modern and clinical perhaps? Choosing the right colour tone of your LED lights can make a huge difference to any room.

If you can't decide which colour temperature is going to provide the best results, why not choose a colour temperature adjustable light fixture?

Known as CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) adjustable, these advanced products contain multiple colour temperatures in one fitting and are controlled by either a remote control, App or basic light switch, with different control options available. Some colour temperature adjustable lights allow you to quickly change colours and some have switches located on the fitting, which is more of a manual process.

If you've got a ceiling light fixture that takes a light bulb (as apposed to an integrated LED), you could consider inserting a smart light bulb that has a colour temperature range; or an ultra smart light bulb with colour changing capabilities. Then you can unleash the full colour spectrum at the touch of a button.

Our growing collection of ceiling lights includes the following core product types:

  • LED bulkheads that can be ceiling or wall mounted
  • Spotlights, including GU10 or integrated
  • Pendant lights, modern and contemporary styles
  • Tracking lighting, the fixed but flexible lighting solution

Inspirational Advice

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