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Advantages of Dimmer Switches

The main reason for the existence of dimmable lights is that they allow you to create a more ambient, relaxed setting. Or if you have sufficient daylight available you don’t always need the lights to be switched on at full brightness.

One of the hidden advantages of dimming and particularly with LEDs is that dimming extends their lifetime. Because they’re not being operated at full 100% power, they are not being overran causing less stress on the components and less chance of overheating to happen. As LEDs are more expensive to buy than halogen, extending their lifetime can potentially save you a lot of money and reduce maintenance costs.

When dimming your lights, you’re also reducing your electricity costs. Allow the reduction remains constant in terms of percentages, the energy savings from dimming LEDs won’t be too high unlike with halogen or incandescent.

Having a dimmer switch as opposed to an ordinary light switch on the circuit automatically saves you 4-10% in energy. This is because dimmer switches don’t deliver the full 100% light, even when at full brightness the light output is only 90-95%.

On average a domestic dimmer switch will save you 20% in electricity compared to a normal light switch. Much more substantial energy savings can be achieved by installing occupancy sensors, especially in rooms that are often vacated.

We have LED dimmer switches available in a selection of brands and styles including dimmer modules that can be used as a retrofit solution for your existing wall plates. The brands we offer include Varilight, Lightwave RF, Lutron and Hamilton LEDstat.

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