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Various types of LED extrusion profiles for use with LED strip tape. Provides a more professional finish to an LED tape installation and improves heat dissipation.

  • Features

    Various types of LED extrusion profiles for use with LED strip tape. Provides a more professional finish to an LED tape installation and improves heat dissipation. Particularly useful when mounting LED tapes onto materials that don't conduct heat such as wood or plasterboard.

    Each extrusion profile rail can be used with LED tapes up to 10mm wide. Our wider RGB+WW and RGB+W LED strip tape which is 12mm wide can be used with the RGBWW rail which has an internal width of 20mm. This rail is now available in surface or recessed versions.

    Our LED profile extrusion prices include opal covers end caps and mounting clips except for the recessed version as it doesn't necessarily require them. LED strip tape must be ordered separately.

    One of the latest edition to this range is our new bendable LED profile. This IP67 rated product can be used indoors or outdoors and bends around curved walls. The LED tape fits sideways into it and provides a dot-less array of light through the diffuser.

    Another edition to the range is the trim-less plaster-in version. This seamless design offers a minimal lighting effect and is suitable for LED tape with a maximum of 10mm wide.

    General Key Features

    • Priced per metre but can be cut to size
    • Maximum individual length: 2 metres
    • Supplied with 2 mounting clips per length
    • 1 end cap with hole and 1 end cap without hole (apart from recessed versions which are available on request).
    • Material: Aluminium with plastic diffuser. The bendable profile is made from PMMA and is IP67 rated.
    • Manufacturer: LED Strip Fit
    • Guarantee: 3 years

    Thin Surface Dimensions

    Thin Surface profile rail for LED tape

    Corner Rail Dimensions

    corner profile rail for LED tape

    Recessed Rail Dimensions

    recessed profile rail for LED tape

    Wider Surface Rail (20mm Internal) For RGB+WW

    Wider profile rail for LED tape

    Wider Recessed Rail (20mm Internal) For RGB+WW

    recessed profile rail for wider strip tapes

    Bendable Profile

    bendable LED profile rail

    Trim-Less - Plaster In

    trim-less, plaster-in profile rail

    If you don't want to drill holes into your surface you can use double sided foam tape to secure these profiles into position. Available in 12mm and 19mm wide sizes.

  • Specifications
    Brand LED Strip Fit
    Extrusion Type
    Product Type LED Extrusion Rail
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  • Dimensions

    Thin Surface

    • External height: 9mm (including cover)
    • External height: 7mm (without cover)
    • External width: 17.5mm
    • Internal width: 12.2mm
    • Length: 2M (available to cut)

    Corner Rail

    • Height: 17.45mm (including cover).
    • Outer width: 26.26mm
    • Inner width: 11.2mm
    • Length: 2M (available to cut)

    Recessed Rail

    • Internal height: 5.5mm / External: 7mm
    • Width (upper): 24.5mm
    • Width (lower): 17.5mm
    • Width (internal): 12.2mm
    • Length: 2M (available to cut)

    Wider Rail For RGB+WW

    • External height: 9.9mm including cover & 8.47mm without cover
    • Internal height:7.6mm (2.5mm at lowest point)
    • External width: 22.6mm
    • Internal width: 20mm

    Wider Recessed Rail For RGB+WW

    • External height: 8.47mm without cover
    • Internal height:7.17mm)
    • External width (lower): 22.6mm
    • External width (upper): 29.6mm
    • Internal width: 20mm
    • Length: 2M (available to cut)

    Bendable Profile Rail

    • External height: 18.5mm
    • External width: 10mm
    • Internal width: 10mm (tape side mounts inside the profile)
    • Reel length: 5M (available to cut & priced per metre)

    Trimless (plaster-in) Profile Rail

    • External height: 14mm
    • External width: 13mm for rail (53mm with plaster-in section)
    • Internal width: 10.5mm (suitable for 10mm wide LED tapes)
    • Reel length: 2M (available to cut)

  • Product Codes
    • LEDSTAPTHIN - Thin 7mm version
    • LEDSTAPCORN - Corner profile rail
    • RSL7-1 - Recessed mounted
    • SLW8-1+SLW-M1 - Wider surface rail (20mm internal) for RGB+WW
    • RSLW8-2+SLW-M1 -Wider recessed rail (20mm internal) for RGB+WW
    • FLEXI-RAIL - Bendable LED profile rail
    • TRIM-RAIL - Trimless -Plaster-In rail