LED Light Bulbs

At Downlights.co.uk we only offer high quality branded LED light bulbs from the most trusted of lighting manufacturers. Read More About LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs
  1. https://res.cloudinary.com/expert-electrical-supplies-ltd/image/upload/v1615290525/collingwood-smart-gu10-led-bulb_djfeon.jpg
    Collingwood Smart Lamp GU10
    As low as £10.08 Incl. VAT
    Over 100 variants in stock
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    Collingwood Smart Lamp CCT Adjustable
    As low as £10.92 Incl. VAT
    Over 100 variants in stock
    Per Each
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    LED 2D Retrofit Lamp GR10q 4-Pin 16W Crompton
    £5.03 Incl. VAT
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    Per Each

We stock the best brands such as Aurora, Crompton and Philips. When you compare unbranded LED light bulbs to these brands you may find that they cost less, but these proven lighting brands will offer you much better value for money, especially in the long run.

Branded LED lamps offer extended guarantee periods of up to 5 years and longer life expectancy standards of up to 50,000 hours. That's a lifetime of 45 years if used for 3 hours a day!

Out with the Old

Traditional incandescent light bulbs have been banned in the EU since 2011. Halogen directional lamps such as GU10 and GU5.3 (MR16s) were banned in 2016. Other halogen style light bulbs like candles and GLS bulbs remained until 2018. More information about the worldwide phase out of incandescent lamps can be found in our FAQ here.

We've always remained consistent with the lighting brands that we offer as we trust them. As a lighting distributor the last thing we want to deal with are faulty products and unhappy customers so we try to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and are highly reliable. Good quality LEDs should last a lifetime and shouldn't need replacing as often as incandescent. We have a great selection of LEDs for many types of cap types and fixtures. We stock dimmable, warm and cool LED light bulbs from our extensive portfolio at affordable prices.

LED bulbs are now the number one choice for new and existing lighting installations. Due to advances in LED GU10 lighting technology, we can now offer an LED replacement for every energy hungry halogen and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) ever produced.

Many consumers still don't like integrated LED downlights and opt for GU10 downlights. GU10 LEDs are easily replaceable in the event of a failure or end of life, unlike integrated LED downlights were you have to replace the entire fitting.

Mains voltage GU10 lamps have become the preferred alternative when replacing low voltage MR16 bulbs. Its easier and cheaper to convert a low voltage downlight into a mains voltage GU10 than to deal with having to replace the LED as well as the transformer. You can simply re-wire a GU10 lamp holder and disconnect the transformer, then you're existing downlights are converted to mains voltage GU10s.

Our GU10 LED guide can be viewed or downloaded at the bottom of this page. Unlike other websites that sell a large variety of light bulbs, we only sell a selected few brands. The manufacturers we stock are now in their fourth and fifth generations and have achieved LED enlightenment. Our aim is to provide customers with the right combination of quality, reliability and affordability.

We provide a free next working day delivery service on all orders over £60 including VAT. With contact free, one hour delivery slots provided by DPD. Get quality LED light bulbs delivered to your door.