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At Downlights.co.uk we only offer high quality branded LED lamps and bulbs from the most trusted of lighting manufacturers. We stock brands like Aurora, Crompton and Philips. When you compare unknown GU10, MR16 and unbranded LED lamps to these brands you may find that they cost less, but these proven lighting brands will offer you much better value for money, especially in the long run. we offer GU10 bulbs and MR16 ranging from 5w 35w and 50w with dimmable cool white on offer

Branded LEDs offer extended guarantee periods of up to 5 years and a longer life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours. That's a lifetime of 45 years if used for 3 hours a day!

Out with the Old

Incandescent light bulbs got banned in the EU in 2011. Halogen directional lamps such as GU10 and GU5.3 (MR16s) are being banned in September 2016. Some halogen style light bulbs like candles and GLS bulbs have until 2018 until a decision is made. More information about the worldwide phase out of incandescent lamps can be found here or in our recent FAQ here.

Earlier in 2015 the European Commission delayed making a ruling on the ban as they didn't believe that the lighting industry could keep up with demand of everyone replacing halogen to LED. After weighing up the pros of creating a more environmentally friendly and 90% reduction in energy they have now come to their senses.

Panic Buying

When incandescent light bulbs got banned in 2011 consumers did the opposite, instead of buying all of the newer energy efficient CFL's (compact fluorescent lamps) they bought up all of the remaining incandescent lamps before their extinction. This might be the same story when the 50 watt halogen gets banned so we've put together an article to explain how inefficient they are and about which cap types we offer, click here to read more.

Help & Guidance

If you can't decide which GU10 LED bulbs to purchase or want to compare the most popular ones in the marketplace. View or download our brand new 2018 GU10 LED guide below. It also explains what a GU10 led actually is and features the UKs leading lighting brands and the latest technology they feature:

Best Brands

We've always remained consistent with the lighting brands that we offer as we trust them. As a lighting distributor the last thing we want are returns and unhappy customers so we try to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and are highly reliable. Good quality LEDs should last a lifetime and shouldn't need replacing as often as incandescent. Our latest brand of dimmable, warm and cool LED light bulbs are from Crompton Lamps who offer an extensive portfolio at affordable prices.

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