LED Track Lighting

Track lighting allows you to adjust the position of spotlights on a length of track. Read More About LED Track Lighting

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Track lighting can be cut down or extended allowing more lights to be added or spaced further apart. Its offers a flexible alternative to a spotlight which is just stand-alone surface mounted fitting.

The customizable design of the track lighting system adds a touch of flexibility to your lighting layout. We've added a few of our best selling, easy to order kits from Aurora and JCC Lighting.

Or you can order everything separately using the various components on offer.

We have 3 circuit and single circuit track lighting options available. Each providing you with different switching capabilities. We can help you to design your own LED track lighting layout using separate lengths of track, track spotlight fittings and include any accessories you might need.

To order an LED track lighting system, here are some important points you should consider:

Choose the brand of track. Aurora has been our most popular choice of track. It is available in black or white finishes and in 1 or 2 metre lengths.

Choose your track fittings. For domestic use, the GU10 track fittings are a great option, again with the Aurora brand being the most popular option. Or for commercial use you should consider a bigger fitting like one of the AR111 GU10 versions or the Aurora deeper and brighter GU10 lamps lamps.

An AR111 LED is 111mm in diameter compared to 51mm for a GU10 LED, generally an AR111 LED will have twice the light output.

AR111 GU10's operate on mains voltage which makes them a great choice for track systems as you don't need an additional LED driver. Or if you need something even brighter then consider going with an integrated LED fitting. Some of our integrated LED track lights have light outputs of over to 5000 lumens, which is 10 times brighter than a basic GU10 LED.

If you've chosen a GU10 fitting or an AR111 you'll also going to need to purchase an LED lamp to go with them. Here's were you may want to consider which colour temperature and which beam angle to choose. Something with a more narrow beam angle will offer a more intense lighting option; ideal for illuminating artwork such as paintings or sculptures.

Finally you're going to need some accessories, (unless you've ordered a kit). We have various accessories available including mounting brackets, bends and input connectors, which connect to your supply voltage.

A track lighting kit comes with all of the basics for an entry level design. This type of kit wouldn't be quite suitable for the National Art Gallery or Tate Modern but is adequate for the majority of homes.

If you need help with the selection process or if you have a more complicated design, please send us an email with all the details including any drawings and we'll respond with an official quotation that includes everything you need.