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What is an LED Wall Light?

Similar to the other types of light fixture & fittings, we offer such as downlights & spotlights, there are two main types of LED wall lights mounted for interior and exterior decorative & modern uplighters, for fancy modern fixtures

Integrated led wall lights such as the Integral LED range which have a built in LED light source. Integrate, these modern wall lights are becoming more cost effective. They are also easy to order as they come with everything you need. The LED is non replaceable, if it ever fails or reaches the end of its life you’ll need to replace the entire fitting.

The other type of LED wall light is a fitting that requires a separate light bulb. Usually, this type of wall light will have an E27, B22, GU10 or G9 cap and there are many other caps types too. Some advantages of this type of light fixture are that the LED is replaceable. In the event of a failure or if it’s reached the end of its life, you can easily replace the light bulb. You can have dimmable or non-dimmable types; usually integrated versions are strictly non-dimmable.

Led Wall lights with separate led lamps also give you more flexibility as can change the colour temperature and brightness of the light. There are pros and cons to each type, sometimes an integrated version is better for some applications and a lamp type is better for others.

Bathroom Wall Lights

Bathroom rated wall lights need to have a minimum IP rating of IP44. An IP rating defines how well the product is resistant to dust and water. Although the bathroom is split up into zones, with higher IP ratings required the closer you get to water, technically there are areas in the bathroom that you could place a non-bathroom led rated wall light but steam and moisture could cause the finish to deteriorate.

Outdoor LED Wall Lights

Just like bathroom wall lights, outdoor ones also need to have an IP rating of IP44 or higher. Good quality outdoor wall lights are manufactured to higher standards; you really get what you pay for with them, cheap wall lights just won’t last.

High quality wall lights like the new Stanley range are designed to withstand the seemingly eternal UK winter. If your wall light is open to the elements exterior, outdoors, you want a robust, well-constructed outdoor wall light that is going to last for many years, not just a few seasons.

As a rule, if your wall light has some degree of shelter then you can get away with an IP44 rated wall light, but ideally we would recommend IP65 rated wall lights for external use. If you’re fortunate enough to live near the coast then you’ll need to make sure that you’re purchasing a coastal grade product, otherwise this will quickly deteriorate and you’ll need to replace it.

Many of our exterior outdoor wall lights are available with or without a PIR. A PIR (passive infra-red) is a sensor that not only detects movement but is combined with a lux sensor, so it doesn’t come on in the daytime. PIR sensors are used for both security and energy saving measures.

LED Bulkheads

An LED bulkhead is a round shaped, drum style light fitting. It can be used as a wall light or a ceiling light, its universal. LED bulkhead lights are often used in car parks, stair wells and corridors. They are a cost effective and easy to install lighting solutions.

LED bulkheads like the Collingwood WL92 usually have an integrated LED light source. Integrated LED fittings usually last longer which is ideal for this type of light fitting as you want something that is low energy, cost effective and maintenance free.

LED bulkhead lights can also be used in homes as bathroom ceiling lights or in small utility rooms. They are available in countless variations including ones with built in microwave sensors that automatically detect movement but don’t have a sensor on show. The Forum Hale for example is available with or without a microwave sensor and in an emergency version. An emergency luminaire contains a battery pack, in the event of a power failure, it switches over to the batter pack and continues to illuminate for a minimum of 3 hours.

At Downlights.co.uk we offer an extensive range of high quality wall lights from some of the leading uk manufacturers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have a bulk enquiry, please contact us for further assistance and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation or some recommendations.

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