Second Fix Insert & Front Plate Sets For Levello Housings

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Levello inserts fit neatly and seamlessly into the trim-less housings. These second fix insert kits can be ordered at the same time as the first fix housings or at a later stage when you're ready for them.

  • Features

    Levello inserts fit neatly and seamlessly into the trim-less housings. These second fix insert kits can be ordered at the same time as the first fix housings or at a later stage, when you're ready for them.

    These sets comprise of the insert, front plate, magnets, decorator discs, pre-wired GU10 lamp holder and connector assembly. The connector makes wiring easier as you can complete the wiring during the first fix, then plug in the insert and lamp holder when you're ready. The assembly simply plugs into the corresponding connector that's supplied with the housing. This speeds up the second fix by creating a ‘Plug and Play’ solution.

    Once the housing is fitted and wiring is completed, the inserts can be plugged in and the front plate is secured in positioned using the magnets.

    Here are the main components that are included in this kit (not showing the decorator and painting discs which are also included):

    Inserts are available in different styles with low profile, directional, deep and deep plus. The directional version is also IP65 rated which is rare for a recessed downlight. The deep version is an anti-glare design that housings the light source further back within the fitting, and the deep plus version is positioned even further back.

    And because these downlights have no fire can structure, they are suitable for use with deeper GU10 LEDs such as the Philips Hue. 

    The low profile series doesn't require an additional fire rating as the housing provides this. The deeper inserts in this listing are fire rated and come fitted with some additional intumescent strip.

    Fire rated downlights are recommended for homes, there are certain situations when they are not required, more information can be found here in our FAQ about fire rated downlights. Most downlights are fire rated as standard and the price difference is usually marginal, if in doubt, go fire rated.

    We have 2 finishes available which are paint-able and non paint-able versions. We recommend the paint-able versions which allow you to get a true match to the white of your ceiling. If you're not painting your ceiling, then go for the paint-able version which is a powder coated white. Getting a perfect match for a white ceiling is almost impossible unless you're using the exact same paint.

    We also offer water resistant and non water resistant versions available, with IP65 rated downlights for bathroom use or IP20 for rooms without moisture such as kitchens, bedrooms and lounges.

    Supplied with a GU10 lamp holder which gives you the flexibility to choose which type of LED you want. Choose any colour temperature, brightness and beam angle you desire. Levello downlights provide you with the choice and flexibility to achieve the highest standards for your lighting project.

    Available in four different insert types that include: 

    • Low profile - The standard design that can fit into ceiling voids from just 55mm deep 
    • Deep - Low glare design that houses the light source further back within the structure to reduce glare and provide a baffle-effect
    • Directional - this is a tilt-able baffle style downlight with a black insert (white inserts also available on request)
    • Deep plus - A deeper version of the deep, low glare downlight. This houses the light source even further back.

    Key Features

    • GU10 cap type (requires additional LEDs)
    • Available in a powder coated white or paint-able finish
    • Fire rated to 60 minute ceilings
    • Decorators disc included which allows you to plaster and paint over the housing
    • Guarantee: 5 years
    • Manufacturer: Levello
  • Specifications & Dimensions
    Brand Levello
    Cap Type GU10
    Dimensions Located Below Specifications Table
    Fire Rated Yes
    IP Rating
    Insert Type
    Product Type Downlight Housing
    Sku LE30**
    Voltage 230V AC
    Warranty 5 Years

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  • Product Codes

    Low Profile

    • LE3015 - Powder coated finish IP20
    • LE3015P - Paint-able IP20
    • LE3015IP - Powder coated finish IP65
    • LE3015PIP - Paint-able IP65

    Deep Housing

    • LE3225BP- Paint-able IP20
    • LE3225B - Powder coated IP20
    • LE3225BPIP - Paint-able IP65
    • LE3225BIP - Powder coated IP65

    Directional Housing

    • LE3235BP - Powder coated finish IP20
    • LE3235B - Paint-able IP20
    • LE3235BPIP - Powder coated finish IP65
    • LE3235BIP - Paint-able IP65

    Directional Housing - Orbround

    • LE3235BPR - Powder coated finish IP20
    • LE3235BR - Paint-able IP20
    • LE3235BPRIP - Powder coated finish IP65
    • LE3235BRIP - Paint-able IP65

    Deep Plus

    • LE3245BP - Powder coated finish IP20
    • LE3245B - Paint-able IP20
    • LE3245BPIP - Powder coated finish IP65
    • LE3245BIP - Paint-able IP65

    Directional Plus

    • LE3255BP - Powder coated finish IP20
    • LE3255B - Paint-able IP20
    • LE3255BPIP - Powder coated finish IP65
    • LE3255BIP - Paint-able IP65

    Directional Plus Orbround

    • LE3255BPR - Powder coated finish IP20
    • LE3255BR - Paint-able IP20
    • LE3255BPRIP - Powder coated finish IP65
    • LE3255BRIP - Paint-able IP65