Leyton Lighting

Leyton Lighting offer a fantastic selection of LED lighting products and sensors. The Elan range of integrated downlights are a premium quality and highly reliable option. Read More About Leyton Lighting

Leyton Lighting
  1. https://media.downlights.co.uk/catalog/product/l/e/leyton-cob-3w-led-downlight_1.jpg
    Cabinet COB 3W 12V LED Downlight Stainless Steel
    As low as £10.68 Incl. VAT
    Over 100 variants in stock
    Per Each
  2. https://media.downlights.co.uk/catalog/product/t/r/trk-ss-w_4_1.jpg
    LED Triangle Under Cabinet Light 12V Leyton
    As low as £9.07 Incl. VAT
    29 In Stock | More Available In Usually 3-5 days
    Per Each
  3. https://media.downlights.co.uk/catalog/product/d/l/dlk-ss_1_2_1.jpg
    LED Recessed Cabinet Light 12V 2W
    As low as £7.48 Incl. VAT
    42 In Stock | More Available In Usually 3-5 days
    Per Each
  4. https://media.downlights.co.uk/catalog/product/d/l/dlksm-ss-w_3_1.jpg
    LED Surface Cabinet Light 2W 12V
    As low as £8.32 Incl. VAT
    82 In Stock | More Available In Usually 3-5 days
    Per Each

The Leyton bathroom lighting collection is a modern looking range of IP rated fixtures and fittings that are water resistant and suitable for use in bathroom zones.

With a great selection of LED fittings and fixtures, ranging from kitchen under cabinet lights, pendant lights, to commercial LED bulkheads. The combination of affordability and reliability makes Leyton Lighting the ideal choice for your next lighting project.

If you're looking for under cabinet LED lighting that packs more of a punch, look no further than the COB (Chip On Board) 3W cabinet LED fittings. Utilising the latest LED singular chip technology, they have a light output of up to 280 lumens, which is 30% brighter than others. They can also be dimmed by adding a dimmable LED driver that's supplied with plug-in wiring connectors to make everybody's life easy.

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