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Lightwave RF Dimmer Switches

Lightwave RF Wall Switches / Dimmers (Wired & Wireless)

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Lightwave RF dimmer switches are available and a variety of options to suit the needs of any project. Choose between wired (230V) or wireless (battery powered) versions.

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Lightwave RF dimmer switches are available in a variety of options to suit the needs of any project. Choose between wired (230V) or wireless (battery powered) versions. Wired dimmer switches work in a similar way to traditional dimmer switches and can be used to dim or switch the lights on and off. But because they are dimmer switches, they must be used with dimmable light bulbs.

Wired dimmer switches are wired directly into the lighting circuit, just like an ordinary light switch or dimmer switch and are designed as a retrofit solution. Lightwave RF also offers 2 way or 3 way dimming which means you can dim the same lighting circuit from 2 or more switches (or locations from the room), this requires slave dimmers. Wired dimmers are available in 1,2, 3 and 4 gang versions.

If you only want to switch a lighting circuit, possibly because it's not dimmable like a floodlight for example, you can do this but you need a wireless switch and a receiver for it to work. Wireless switches are only available in 1 or 2 gang versions. More information about switching can be found here at the Lightwave RF website.

Mood controllers are also available, these are wireless and allow you to set scenes for reading or watching TV etc. For example you can switch or dim multiple receivers or link them to mains dimmers. Then at the touch of one button you can dim your wall lights down to 50% and turn your 'big light' off completely.

Each wireless switch must be matched up with a separate receiver, mains dimmer switches can act like a receiver. Wireless switches are battery powered and can be stuck or screwed to a surface. They can even be fitted inside a bathroom to create a bathroom LED dimmer switch!

Other accessories include remote controls and the Wi-Fi hub. The hub is not an essential part of a Lightwave RF installation and is only needed if you want to take things to the next level and control your lights with a smart phone or via the new web based App. The App provides many features though such as timers and allows you to control your lights remotely from anywhere in the world!


  • Finishes: Available in black chrome, chrome, stainless steel and white metal.
  • Voltage: Choose between wired (230V) or wireless (battery powered)
  • Loading: Maximum wattage for LED is 80W and 250W for incandescent.
  • Radio Frequency: 433.9.Mhz
  • Dimmable: Yes, suitable for dimming LED lights. For GU10 LEDs we recommend the Aurora Enlite 5W GU10 LED and for integrated downlights go for the new Aurora M10. Both of these products are on the latest official list of approved lights by Lightwave RF. This list is available here and also includes candles and other light bulbs.
  • Max Channels: 
    4 for the mood controllers
    6 (per switch) for the switching / dimming controllers
  • Switching capability:
    Mood controllers have 5 scene buttons & all an off button.
    Other switches have 2 buttons per gang. On and off and by holding your finger on the on or off buttons it will dim the connected lights.
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Manufacturer: Lightwave RF

Recent tests from Lightwave RF now recommend that the best LED to go with Lightwave RF is the Aurora Enlite 5W GU10. 

Here are some videos we produced showing the dimming performance of various LEDs lights with Lightwave RF:

View our 'how to' guide on wire light switches

Wireless Plates Including Mood Controllers

  • Height: 88mm
  • Width: 88mm
  • Depth: 10mm, shallow depth allows switches to be stuck to a surface without the need for a back box.

Wired 1 & 2 Gang Plates 

  • Height: 88mm
  • Width: 88mm
  • Depth: 30mm, recommend 32mm single back box

3 & 4 Gang Plates

  • Height: 88mm
  • Width: 150mm
  • Depth: 30mm, recommend 32mm double back box

Wireless Mood Controllers (for scene setting)

  • JSJSLW101BLK - Black chrome
  • JSJSLW101C - Chrome
  • JSJSLW101SS - Stainless steel
  • JSJSLW101WH - White Metal

Wireless 1 Gang Switches (for dimming or switching)

  • JSJSLW201BLK - Black chrome
  • JSJSLW201C - Chrome
  • JSJSLW201SS - Stainless steel
  • JSJSLW201WH - White Metal
  • JSJSLW205 - White PVC

Wireless 2 Gang Switches (for dimming or switching)

  • JSJSLW221BLK - Black chrome
  • JSJSLW221C - Chrome
  • JSJSLW221SS - Stainless steel
  • JSJSLW221WH - White Metal
  • JSJSLW206 - White PVC

Wired 1 Gang Dimmer (for dimming or switching)

  • JSJSLW400BLK - Black chrome
  • JSJSLW400C - Chrome
  • JSJSLW400SS - Stainless steel
  • JSJSLW400WH - White Metal

Wired 2 Gang Dimmer (for dimming or switching)

  • JSJSLW420BLK - Black chrome
  • JSJSLW420C - Chrome
  • JSJSLW420SS - Stainless steel
  • JSJSLW420WH - White Metal

Wired 3 Gang Dimmer (for dimming or switching)

  • JSJSLW430BLK - Black chrome
  • JSJSLW430C - Chrome
  • JSJSLW430SS - Stainless steel
  • JSJSLW430WH - White Metal

Wired 4 Gang Dimmer (for dimming or switching)

  • JSJSLW440BLK - Black chrome
  • JSJSLW440C - Chrome
  • JSJSLW440SS - Stainless steel
  • JSJSLW440WH - White Metal

Wired 1 Gang 2 Way Dimmer (slaves for dimming or switching)

  • JSJSLW450BLK - Black chrome
  • JSJSLW450C - Chrome
  • JSJSLW450SS - Stainless steel
  • JSJSLW450WH - White Metal

Wired 2 Gang 2 Way Dimmer (slaves for dimming or switching)

  • JSJSLW452BLK - Black chrome
  • JSJSLW452C - Chrome
  • JSJSLW452SS - Stainless steel
  • JSJSLW452WH - White Metal

Wired 2 Gang Dimmer (master & slave for dimming or switching)

  • JSJSLW455BLK - Black chrome
  • JSJSLW455C - Chrome
  • JSJSLW455SS - Stainless steel
  • JSJSLW455WH - White Metal

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