Lightwave Smart Heating Switch

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Lightwave Smart Heating Switch

  • Features

    Lightwave Smart Heating Switch. Built-in temperature and humidity sensors which are ideal for controlling the ventilation of a utility room. Ideal for use with electric heaters.

    Requires the Lightwave Plus Wi-Fi hub for App control.

    Key Features

    • There is an accessible button on the device that can be programmed through the app to perform any automation within the Lightwave system, or simply turn your heating on for a given period.
    • The DTS92E or Y87RF Honeywell Home Wireless Thermostats can be paired directly to the Link Plus hub, and be used in conjunction with the Smart Heating Switch as the 'Call for Heat' trigger.
    • Energy monitoring is built into this device and is displayed within the Lightwave app.
    • Simple to install and has the same fixing dimensions as a single back box - should be installed after the fused spur.
    • Load up to 3680W (16A) rating.
    • The Smart Heating Switch is most commonly applied to gain smart control of domestic panel heaters, hot water cylinders, boilers, towel rails or electric radiators.
    • This device has output terminals for Normally Open, Normally Closed and Common, which allows it to switch most types of boilers.
    • Energy consumption can be viewed in real-time and reviewed over the past 7 days.
    • This can be useful when applying the Smart Switch to monitor an electric car charging point.
    • Product code: L92
    • Manufacturer: Lightwave


  • Specifications
    SKU L92
    Product Type Heating Controller
    Brand Lightwave
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  • Dimensions
    • Height: 93mm
    • Width: 93mm
    • Thickness: 30mm