Lutron Grafik Eye QS 6 Zone Home Automation Control Panel

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Lutron Grafik Eye QS home automation control panel with 6 zones. Allows complete control over lighting of up to 6 circuits, more Grafik Eye panels can be added and connected together if more zones are needed.

  • Features

    Lutron Grafik Eye QS home automation control panel with 6 zones. Allows complete control over your lighting equipment for up to 6 circuits (or zones). More Grafik Eye panels can be added and connected together, if more zones are needed.

    Lutron is a market leader of home automated lighting controls and the Grafik Eye QS is their flagship product. It has an integrated radio frequency output which allows wire-less communication with blinds and many other Lutron add-ons like remote controls and occupancy and daylight sensors which are available on request.

    Programming is done directly on the Grafik Eye itself and can also be used to control the lights directly. The Lutron QS SeeTouch keypads are used to replace existing light switches and dimmers and allow you to set scenes of your choosing. Each SeeTouch keypad comes with an engraving from which allows you to name each scene however you like.

    The Grafik Eye QS has many features including scene setting and trimming functions which allow you to remove the high end or low end from the scenes. Trimming is ideal if the lights are too bright of if they flicker at very low levels.

    Suitable for use with specific LED downlights, LED lamps and LED tape; when you using a TRIAC dimmable LED driver. See the compatibility list at the bottom of the page for items that Lutron themselves have tested.

    Key Features

    • Maximum 2300W total for 6 zone version.
    • 500W per zone
    • Programmable LCD display with clear individual zones.
    • Various load settings including leading edge.
    • Built in timer functions.
    • Supplied with a metal back box as standard. Also available with a plaster board box at no extra charge just let us know when you're ordering if you would like this changing.
    • Finish: White bottom with translucent top. Other finishes available on request.
    • Guarantee: 3 years
    • Product code: QSGRK-6PCE-TWH
    • Manufacturer: Lutron

    Lutron Compatible Lights

    Here is a list of LED lights that Lutron have approved for use with this Grafik Eye QS home automation system:

    The report card for each light can be located in the data sheets tab.More brands can be checked using the Lutron compatibility tool located here.


    Q1) How do I wire this?

    A1) Mains voltage goes into the Grafik Eye. Then you link up the neutral wires and feed a live from each of the zone outputs to each of the lighting circuits. Then the keypads are wired from either a Grafik Eye or from an adjoining keypad using the Lutron 2 pair cable. Each of the keypads requires 1 pair for signal and 1 pair for power. The keypads require a 24V DC supply which comes directly from the Grafik Eye.

    Q2) Is it compatible with LED lights?

    A2) Yes it is but not all LEDs work with it. Lutron have tested many products and we have ourselves. The Lutron compatibility tool can be located here. Or contact us to check.

    Q3) Which other accessories do I need?

    A3) Technically this product will work without any accessories but without using the keypads you're not enjoying the main benefits of using this product. The keypads are used instead of normal light switches and dimmers. They provide scene setting capabilities and look modern.

    Their are a huge selection of accessories for this product including sensors and DMX interfaces which are available on request.

  • Specifications
    GTiN 0027557661843
    Brand Lutron
    Product Type Lighting Control Panel
    Dimmable Yes
    Input Voltage 230V AC
    Warranty 3 Years
    Voltage 230V AC
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  • Dimensions

    • Width: 239mm
    • Height: 119mm
    • Depth: 46mm