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Lutron Rania Dimmer Switches (Masters)

Product-code: RN*U-*52B-F**-M

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Quick Overview

Lutron Rania dimmer switches are suitable for use with a variety of lighting types including LEDs, this includes GU10s, MR16s and integrated LED downlights. Lutron Rania dimmer switches contain both trailing edge and leading edge dimming types.

Lutron Rania dimmer switches are suitable for use with a variety of lighting types including some LEDs. This includes GU10s, MR16s and integrated LED downlights. Lutron Rania dimmer switches contain both trailing edge and leading edge dimming types. When dimming LEDs you may need to use the Danlers RESLOADE which provides stability to the circuit and resolves low load issues.

Available in a choice of three finishes with many others available on request. Multi-way dimming can be achieved by ordering an additional accessory (or slave) dimmer.

Last few remaining in 2 gang.


  • Wattage:
    2 gang 2x250W
  • 1 way or 2 way operation.
  • Contains both trailing edge and leading edge dimming functions which are selectable in the advance programming options.
  • Has low end and high end trimming facility that allows you to trim off the bottom end which can be used if LEDs flicker.
  • Fits onto a standard 35mm single back box.
  • Row of green LEDs indicate light level setting.
  • Memorises last light level setting.
  • Available in 3 finishes; arctic white, satin nickel and polished chrome.
  • Manufacturer: Lutron
  • Guarantee: 3 Years

LED Compatibility

Although this dimmer switch has both leading edge (MLV) and trailing edge (ELV) dimming settings it doesn't work with every LED on the market.

To change the settings of the dimmer you need to go into the advanced programming settings. The most suitable for setting for LED is usually trailing edge (ELV) with blip mode on. If you're dimming the Halers H2 Pro you must set it this way otherwise the dimmer can send a pulse output which can cause the H2 Pro to fail. Once these settings are made it will function perfect well.

The advanced programming instructions can be downloaded here.

Some LED lights may flicker with the Rania, fitting a resistive load such as the Danlers RESLOADE or Aurora AU-LR50 can often solve this. We've found this can stabilise the load and allow it dim high loads of LED tape using one of our TRIAC dimmable LED drivers. When the resistive load is installed it mainly works better on leading edge mode (MLV) but it's worth testing with each type to ensure your getting the very best, flicker free dimming range.

Check out our 'light switch installation ' guidelines

1 Gang Fits onto a standard UK back box with a minimum of 25mm depth.

2 Gang version requires a 35mm deep back box. See the data sheet tab for more information.

Advanced programming instructions: CLICK HERE

1 Gang Non IR (infra-red)

  • RNSU-452B-FAW-M - Arctic White
  • RNSU-452B-FSN-M - Satin Nickel
  • RNSU-452B-FBC-M - Polished Chrome

2 Gang Non IR (infra-red)

  • RNDU-252B-FAW-M - Arctic White
  • RNDU-252B-FSN-M - Satin Nickel
  • RNDU-252B-FBC-M - Polished Chrome

1 Gang IR (infra-red) with Remote

  • RISU-452B-FAW-M+RIS-REMOTB-AW-M - Arctic White
  • RISU-452B-FSN-M+RIS-REMOTB-AW-M - Satin Nickel
  • RISU-452B-FBC-M+RIS-REMOTB-AW-M - Polished Chrome

2 Gang IR (infra-red) with Remote

  • RIDU-252B-FAW-M+RID-REMOTB-AW-M - Arctic White
  • RIDU-252B-FSN-M+RID-REMOTB-AW-M - Satin Nickel
  • RIDU-252B-FBC-M+RID-REMOTB-AW-M - Polished Chrome

Many other finishes and matching accessories such as sockets and light switches available on request.

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