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Smart lighting is a term that is used to describe a lighting product that can be controlled remotely from a smartphone. Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth you can control light fixtures and LED lamps from a smartphone App. You can dim, change colours, set scenes, timer functions and group lights into room types or zones.

Some smart lighting products usually require a hub or gateway to allow internet connectivity such as the Philips Hue. Hubs cost more money as they are an additional component. The latest generation of smart lighting products such as the TCP Smart Lighting range don’t need a hub. The lamps themselves communicate directly with your home router.

The Philips Hue is a product that completely revolutionized the world of smart light. This is a costly product that needs a hub. We stock the TCP Lighting range which is an affordable alternative to the Philips Hue range. Our TCP smart lighting products are available in a colour changing GU10 LED, a classic light shape in E27 or B22 caps and many other lamps and accessories.

Home Automation

If we use the term smart lighting to describe lamps and fittings, then the term home automation can be used for controls.  This marketplace is changing rapidly; many of the giants of the industry such as Lutron, Creston and Rako are overpriced. Newcomers such as Lightwave RF are taking over, offering similar systems that cost a fraction of the price.

The Lutron Graifk Eye for example was once the benchmark for home automation but if you want to control your lights from an App, you need at least two more expensive add-ons. Compared to Lightwave RF that requires a hub and just one light switch, no central processor required. It does depend on what you actually want to achieve from a home automation system, if you're unsure on which system to go for, get in touch with us and we'll recommend the best system that suits you and your budget.

Smart switches and sockets are now available, similar to smart light bulbs they can be controlled from a smart phone App. They allow you to switch off devices or lights remotely and set timer functions. You can even control different brands of smart lighting products from one place using the Apple Home App.

Voice Activated Dimming

If you want to be really technologically advanced you can now control your lighting and electrical products by voice command. Lightwave RF and TCP Lighting products for example are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. A brief introduction to voice dimmable lighting can be found in the TCP brochure below:

Connected Lighting

Widely regarded by lighting industry leaders as the future of commercial lighting, connected lighting is a mixture of smart lighting and home automation. With light fittings that communicate with an App, letting it know if it’s operational, how much energy its consuming and if it needs replacing.

Many of the big lighting manufactures including Aurora, Ansell and Philips now have their own versions of connected lighting systems. The Aurora system is known as AOne which we keep in stock but aren’t allowed to sell on our website. The Aurora AOne Smart Lighting system is also suitable for domestic use and the range is expanding. More information about the Aurora AOne system can be found in the latest Aurora Enlite Lighting brochure below:

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