Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lights produces both task and ambient lighting to compliment your food preparation in style.

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Under Cabinet Lighting
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    Aurora Lighting EN-T5**/*0 LED Under Cabinet Light
    Under Cabinet LED Strip Lights (230V) Aurora LinkE
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    Aurora Lighting EN-T5L* Under Cabinet Cable
    Coupling Cables for Aurora LinkE Striplights
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  3. Aurora Lighting EN-T5ML20 Under Cabinet Cable
    Mains Input Cable for Aurora LinkE Striplights
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We've hand picked some the best looking and newest designs from the UK's greatest lighting brands.

Integrated LED Lighting

Many of the under cabinet lights we offer contain integrated LEDs. The LED light source is built directly into the fitting which means it's non replaceable. Fear not, because they last longer than fluorescent and replaceable LEDs are designed to last for around 25,000 hours which is over 20 years if used for 3 hours per day!

LED Strip Fit - Made-to-Measure Lighting

Our latest edition to this range is 'LED Strip Fit' which is a range of bespoke, made to measure LED tape that can be cut down to the exact lengths required. Ideal for mounting under kitchen cabinets. We also have colour changing versions known as RGB and a wide selection of accessories that includes triac dimmable LED drivers. These products provide you with more functionality, if you're looking for dimmable kitchen lighting, LED strip tape is the one for you!

LED technology has transformed the way we illuminate everything including kitchen worktops. Before under cabinet LED lighting existed you only had two choices: fit a fluorescent striplight or install a halogen cabinet light. Now LED cabinet lights are available in a multitude of variations, with different styles, light outputs and colour temperatures. You can choose the right aesthetical style and lighting tone that will compliment your new or existing kitchen.

Basic Lighting Guidelines

Here at Downlights.co.uk we offer a wide range of premium quality lighting products from the UK’s leading brands. Here are some guidelines to follow, to help you choose the right under cabinet LED lighting products for you:

  1. Colour temperature – Make sure that your under cabinet lights match the colour temperature of the rest of the lighting in your room. If you’ve got warm white 3000K spotlights or downlights, then your kitchen cabinet lights should match. Otherwise you’ll get a contrasting colour tone, it will stand out and won’t look right.

  2. If the lights are going to be visible and not concealed behind a pelmet or options of hardwired, you should consider buying a light that will complement the kitchens theme. If you’ve got stainless steel appliances, door handles, and downlights then consider stainless steel cabinet lights. Or if you’re installing LED strip tape, then why not put it inside an aluminium profile rail? It will add a more professional finish for just a little bit more cost. The lighting effect will become more diffused, providing a seamless and spotless array of light.

  3. Maybe you don’t want to be limited to just warm or cool white and you want a colour changing effect? RGB (red, green & blue) LED strip tape will provide a wide variety of colour effects. This is great for mood lighting and parties. But basic RGB strips don’t have a true white colour. When you need to illuminate your kitchen worktops to chop and cook, it won’t be effective.

    We would recommend using RGBW or RGBWW LED strips. These combination strips have RGB colour changing LED chips and true cool white 4000K (RGBW) or warm white 3000K (RGBWW) LED chips. They provide you with the best of both worlds without having to compromise. Or better still, a brand new LED strip tape that is now in stock which contains RGB and CCT (correlated colour temperature) LED chip types. A 5 in 1 LED tape that allows you to change colours as well as colour temperature. Or you can mix them, to display a unique blend of colours, like mixing daylight 6500K with blue to give you a modern, clean skylight effect.

  4. If you want the simplest of lighting solutions then take a look at our mains voltage under cabinet striplights. We have 3 brands to choose from which Aurora, Forum lighting and Ovia Lighting. These fittings are a low energy LED alternative to a fluorescent.

Mains Voltage Striplights

They're easy to install and are available in warm white 3000K and cool white 4000K colour temperatures. The Ovia Cubi undercabinet light comes with both colour temperatures in 1.

Fitted with a CCT switch you can easily select between 3000K and 4000K whenever you like. Also available in various lengths, additional striplights can be butted together or connected via a coupling cable. As they operate on mains voltage, you don’t have to worry about ordering an additional LED driver.

Although LED strip tape offers more flexibility and has more choices, it is more difficult to order. It comes in component form with a separate LED driver. The size of the LED driver is determined by the total wattage of the LED tape that you’re connecting to it. If you’ve got lots of kitchen cabinets that are different lengths, it can offer the ideal solution.

Further Advice

If you need advice about LED tape, send us an email with your requirements and we can provide an official quotation that will include all the components you need. We offer a cutting and soldering service and can provide you with all of your LED tape sections cut and soldered to the exact lengths you need, all ready to be fitted by you or your electrician.

Dimmable Lighting

Dimmable under cabinet lighting is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to be able to dim your lights, you need to decide straight away. LED tape can be dimmed by choosing a dimmable driver, you’ll also need an LED compatible dimmer switch such as the Varilight V-Pro. Mains voltage under cabinet strip lights aren’t dimmable but we do offer some low voltage surface, recessed and triangle style under cabinet lights that are dimmable with the correct LED driver.

For further information, we also have a kitchen lighting ideas and LED tape guide.