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How many downlights do I need for my kitchen?

The short answer to this is to install one downlight per square metre, leaving one metre spacing's between each downlight and a distance of half a metre from the walls. This would generally get you the correct results. But this is more of a question of how many downlights per square metre? And does not account for other variables.

The one downlight per square metre formula usually provides sufficient lux levels for the majority of installations. Many contractors and installers have used this method successfully for many years and adapted it to different room shapes and applications.

However, rooms are used for different purposes and require different levels of brightness (lux). For example; in a kitchen it would be better to have a higher lux level to allow you to see what you are doing better. For kitchens we recommend an average of 300 lux. Whereas in a lounge were you are only watching TV, you may only require an average of 150 lux.

For some unknown reason there are no industry set recommendations for lux levels in homes. Specific lux levels are only used for commercial buildings, for example an office should be set at a minimum of 500 lux. Anything else you read on the internet etc. is a matter of opinion not fact.

As there are many variables to consider with lighting design, ranging from obvious ones such as the brightness (lumen output) of the downlight. To more complicated ones like maintenance and reflectance factors we offer a lighting design service so feel free to email details of your project including your room dimensions and we will provide you with your own personal lighting plan, using our lighting design software. Please send to sales@downlights.co.uk or contact us at: 01706 868343.  During busy periods we may request a deposit which is refundable off the price of the downlights.

We have a team of LIF (Lighting Industry Federation) trained lighting engineers that can provide designs from anything from a small bathroom to a 7 bedroom house. We can make recommendations for the best downlights to use, and advise you on the advantages of using energy saving downlights which will also help you to comply with the Building Regulations.

Or to check our best downlights for a kitchen installation follow the link below:


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