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  • Click Inceptor Max is a bite sized lighting website devoted to the sale of LED downlights. As an experienced lighting distributor we’re fully aware that choosing the best downlights for the job can be an overwhelming task as there are so many options to choose from. Options ranging from cheap imported downlights to high-quality, branded ones. This website has been designed with the customer in mind. We've purposely narrowed down the range of downlights and lamps we feature so you can be sure on the quality, no matter which option you choose.

We've purposely chosen to sell only high quality, reliable products that we have the utmost confidence in. From our extensive knowledge of LED lighting we've hand picked only the very best possible lighting products which we've sold over an extended period of time. Having evolved into perfection, these products require little or no maintenance. Fit and forget!

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Bathroom Downlights

When planning a bathroom lighting installation it is first important to consider the Building Regulations. The bathroom is split up into three different zones, each zone requires the downlights or light fittings to meet different IP (ingress protection) ratings. The minimum IP rating for downlights that are being fitted over a shower cubicle is IP44. However many areas of the bathroom require no IP rating, meaning you can install a mixture of water resistant (IP44 to IP65) and none water resistant (IP20) downlights. CLICK HERE to find out more information about bathroom zones or read our bathroom lighting ideas and tips.

Kitchen Downlights

In kitchens there are no zones or regulations to be followed as there is very little risk of water splashing the downlights. Unlike in bathrooms where regulations or zones must be adhered to, you can use almost any type of downlight for this area.

Fire Rated Downlights

Fire rated downlights are designed as a safety measure and are recommended for use in homes and some commercial buildings. If you're unsure about whether you need to install them CLICK HERE for more information or if in doubt fit fire rated downlights just in case!

LED Downlights

LED downlights are the ultimate longer lasting, low energy alternative to halogen. LED lighting technology is so energy efficient that it will not be replaced by another type of lighting technology in our lifetimes - only improved upon! We stock only the highest quality LED downlights available and are happy to recommend the most suitable ones for your lighting installation. No matter if your looking for recessed downlights or surface mounted, we have a great selection available.

If you're unsure about whether to go for integrated or GU10 LED downlights check out our FAQ which explains the differences. Integrated LED downlights contain an LED light source that is built into the downlight, this is usually non replaceable so if it fails you have to replace the entire downlight. But the new Hybrid9 from JCC Lighting offers the best of both worlds. 

GU10 downlights give you the option of replacing the LED if it fails or if you want to change the colour temperature, you can create your very own LED downlight kit with this item.

If you're looking for dimmable downlights then check out our range of LED compatible dimmer switches that work with almost all dimmable LED lights.

LED Spotlights

An LED spotlight is a type of surface mounted light fixture that contains one or more lights. Like downlights they are available either with replaceable GU10s or with fully integrated LEDs. Spotlights are mainly fully adjustable which allows you to direct the light onto a specific area of a room or onto an object such as a picture frame. CLICK HERE to view our growing range which includes singles, doubles, triples and quads.


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