LED Drivers & Lighting Accessories

We stock a wide range of LED drivers and downlight accessories for your perusal.

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LED Drivers & Lighting Accessories

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    Mean Well LED Driver Constant Voltage
    Constant Voltage LED Drivers Mean Well
    Special Price £14.04 Incl. VAT
    93 Variants In Stock
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    Ecopac Non-Dimmable Constant Voltage 15W LED Drivers
    Constant Voltage LED Drivers 15W
    Special Price £12.48 Incl. VAT
    34 Variants In Stock
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    Mains Dimmable LED Drivers 15W
    Special Price £19.38 Incl. VAT
    20 Variants In Stock
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    TRIAC Dimmable LED Drivers for LED Tape
    Triac Dimmable LED Drivers 25-200W PowerLED
    Special Price £20.06 Incl. VAT
    55 Variants In Stock
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    Leyton Lighting DRV12-TOP6 LED Driver
    Leyton 12V LED Drivers with TOP6 Connector
    Special Price £9.25 Incl. VAT
    76 Variants In Stock
  6. Aurora Lighting EN-SC60 Transformer Lighting
    Low Voltage Transformer 60W 12V Aurora Lighting
    £11.04 Incl. VAT
    Over 100 in stock
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    Ecopac TRIAC Dimmable Constant Voltage 30W LED Drivers
    Mains Dimmable LED Drivers 30W
    Special Price £35.10 Incl. VAT
    13 Variants In Stock
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    Starrett Hole Saw HS14 14mm
    Starrett Hole Saws for Cutting Holes
    Special Price £7.07 Incl. VAT
    79 Variants In Stock
  9. Loft Leg LOFTLID Loft Cap
    Insulation Coverable Loft Cap For Downlights
    £5.50 Incl. VAT
    Over 100 in stock
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    Compact Dimmable LED Drivers 6W 350-700mA
    Compact Dimmable LED Drivers 6W 350-700mA
    Special Price £9.59 Incl. VAT
    17 Variants In Stock
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    Triac Dimmable LED Drivers 300W
    Special Price £130.50 Incl. VAT
    3 Variants In Stock
  12. Inline Splicing Connector With Lever
    Miniature Wiring Connector With Lever Wago
    £0.41 Incl. VAT
    Over 100 in stock

Items 1-12 of 146

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Our offering isn't just limited to downlights and LED drivers, it also includes fire hoods, hole converters, downlight covers and cable connectors. We go above and beyond to enhance your shopping experience and take the hassle out of lighting your home by providing you with everything you need, all in one convenient place.

LED Drivers

LED lights operate on low voltages, an LED driver converts the incoming mains voltage (230V AC) into an outgoing low voltage (usually 12V or 24V DC). The size (or wattage rating) of the LED driver determines how much load it can carry. If you need an LED driver for powering LED strips you have to multiply the wattage per metre of the LED tape by the total length, then choose an LED driver that's big enough to carry the total load.

We have dimmable and non dimmable drivers available from stock from brands like Mean Well and PowerLED. Our dimmable LED drivers can be dimmed using an LED compatible dimmer switch to allow you to fine tune your brightness levels whenever you want to. Or set scenes using home automation or smart lighting systems such as Lightwave.

Fear not, our expert sales team are on hand to assist you with any technical queries relating to specifying products.

Fire Hoods & More

We're sure you'll find everything you need to illuminate your property safely and efficiently. We're proud to provide our loyal customers with fire hoods, downlight covers and more all at affordable, everyday prices. We keep our accessories collection well stocked so that you always find exactly what you need on our site. 

Shop With Us for the Following Lighting Accessories:

  • Fire Hoods 
  • Hole Converters
  • Loft Caps
  • LED Drivers & Power Supplies
  • Low voltage transformers
  • Cable connectors

This is only a small selection of our downlight accessories. If you can’t see the product you desire on our site, get in touch and see how we can help. Our team have a wealth of experience when it comes to downlights and we are always happy to share our expertise with our customers.

Looking for Downlight Accessories?

We stock all of these and more, browse our complete collection of hole converters, downlight covers and fire hoods and place an order with us for next day delivery. Shop online with us today or contact our lighting experts to discuss your project on: 01706 868343.