Varilight LED Dimmer Switches V-Pro

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Varilight V-Pro LED dimmer switches allow LED lamps and downlights to be dimmed effortlessly. This includes GU10 lamps, integrated LED downlights and more.

  • Features

    Varilight V-Pro LED dimmer switches allow LED lamps and downlights to be dimmed effortlessly. This includes GU10 lamps, integrated LED downlights and more.

    Varilight's advanced V-Pro dimming technology now contains trailing edge and an emulated leading edge dimming modes. By switching the knob on and off in a specific sequence (see instructions in the data sheet tab) you can switch between the dimming modes and adjust the dimmer to meet the precise demands of your own lighting applications.

    Varilight V-Pro LED dimmer switches will also dim halogens and many other types of light bulbs, making them the ultimate future proof choice. If you're not ready for LEDs yet make sure you've got the right equipment in place for when you do make the switch!

    Available in a choice of finishes including white PVC, brushed steel, chrome and premium white. Brushed steel, chrome and premium white versions are supplied on an ultra slim screw less flat plate design. The white PVC version is a standard rounded edge plate with screws showing. Varilight are constantly updating and improving their dimmer switches to meet the demands of an ever changing market place.

    Dimming Capabilities

    • LED minimum load: Now with zero minimum load for use with LED lights!
    • LED maximum load: Optional 120W (300W versions also available)
    • The maximum amount of LEDs must also be adhered to:
      - For 1-10 LEDs the standard V-Pro range is fine
      - For up to 30 LEDs you need the higher output V-Pro Series or Varilight V-COM
    • Halogen or incandescent minimum load: 10W
    • Halogen or incandescent maximum load: 400W
    • Universal and programmable dimmer switch that works with all known LEDs on the market
    • If you've got a higher LED lighting load of over 120W we also have the V-Com series of dimmer switches which can dim up to 600W of LEDs! V-Com dimmer switches provide true TRIAC leading edge dimming. The V-Pro series is trailing edge and can be reprogrammed to an emulated leading edge dimming mode.

    Key Features

    • Wattage based on LED loads:
      - 1 gang 120W
      - 2 gang 2x120W
      - 3 gang 3x120W
      - 4 gang 4x120W
    • 1 way or 2 way operation
    • Control knob has push on / off function
    • Soft start and automatic overload protection
    • Contains trailing edge V-Pro dimming technology
    • Ideal for use with LED lamps and integrated LED downlights
    • Smoother dimming control than leading edge with silent operation and no buzzing
    • Dimming range can be fine tuned to meet the demands of the lighting load and specific project
    • Fits onto a standard 25mm single back box
    • Manufacturer: Varilight
    • Guarantee: 10 Years

    View our guide on how to wire light switches.

    This LED dimmer switch is programmable watch the video below to find out how easy it is to program it:

  • Specifications & Dimensions
    Brand Varilight
    Dimensions Located Below Specifications Table
    Product Type Dimmer Switch
    Series Varilight Screw Less
    Sku V-PRO*
    Voltage 230V AC
    Warranty 10 Years

    1 & 2 Gang / Single Face Plate

    • Width: 85mm
    • Height: 85mm

    3 & 4 Gang / Double Face Plate Also 2 Gang 300W Versions

    • Width: 145mm
    • Height: 85mm
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  • Q & A

    Q & A

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    I installed this switch with Led dimmable LEDs and the lights are flickering, I swapped the bulbs and still flickering, could it be a programming issue or a defective dimmer? (bulbs used are Osram, dimmable led, E27, 12w x 2
    Question by: Alessia Longhi on 23 Apr 2022, 20:41
    Have you definitely purchased the Varilight V-Pro? I can't see any record of an order from you. Varilight have a few other dimmer switches.

    I'd also need to know the code of the Osram LEDs to check, but if used with the Varilight V-Pro you'll be able to change the settings from leading edge to trailing edge mode and fine tune the dimming results. it's a universal LED dimmer switch that works with pretty much an dimmable LED.
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 24 Apr 2022, 10:18

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    Instruction Sheet Instruction Sheet
  • Product Codes

    V-Pro Max 120W or 1-10 LED Lights Per Gang

    1 Gang

    • JQP401W - White PVC *This is not screw less flat plate*
    • JDSP401S - Brushed Steel
    • JDCP401S - Chrome
    • JDQP401S - Premium White

    2 Gang

    • JQP252W - White PVC *This is not screw less flat plate*
    • JDSP252S - Brushed Steel
    • JDCP252S - Chrome
    • JDQP252S - Premium White

    3 Gang

    • JQDP303W - White PVC *This is not screw less flat plate*
    • JDSDP303S - Brushed Steel
    • JDCDP303S - Chrome
    • JDQDP303S - Premium White

    4 Gang

    • JQDP254W - White PVC *This is not screw less flat plate*
    • JDSDP254S - Brushed Steel
    • JDCDP254S - Chrome
    • JDQDP254S - Premium White