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LED downlights are a clean, environmentally friendly, low energy alternative to halogen. Halogens are addicted to energy and waste around 90% of it in heat, that's why the same technology can be used in heaters. The European Commission (EC) has recently ruled that directional halogen lamps such as the popular GU10 cap will be banned in 2016. Other halogen style lamps such as GLS light bulbs and candles may not be banned until 2018 though.

With this ban now imminent many more consumers will need to upgrade their halogens to LED downlights. At Downlights.co.uk we offer a large selection of GU10 and integrated LED downlights from the UK's leading brands. We can offer expert advice and help you choose the best options for you.

Which Downlight?

Can't decide which downlight to choose or want to know more about LED downlights? Check out our guide which explains some of the terminologies and phrases used on this site and compares some of the UK's market leaders:

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