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Halers H2 Pro 550 LED Downlights

Fire Rated LED Downlight Halers H2 Pro 550T

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Quick Overview

Halers H2 Pro 550 is our most reliable integrated LED downlight. Providing a superior bright lighting effect it is dimmable as standard and available in 6 finishes.

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The Halers H2 Pro 550T is an integrated LED downlight that is also fire rated. The LED module and driver is built into the fitting. Integrated LED downlights are brighter than conventional GU10 downlights and they last almost twice as long. It is also fully water resistant (IP65) as standard meaning it can be used in areas including kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms etc.

Formally known as the EvoLED, the H2 Pro 550T is now in its fourth generation and is 25 to 30% brighter than earlier models. In June 2015 Halers made some slight improvements mainly changing the bezel to a twist on rather than snap on. It is also more compact in size at just 56mm. The T version means it comes with a T connector block which makes wiring faster and easier.

It is still dimmable as standard and is available in a choice of 6 different finishes, choose the one you prefer from the product options. A square bezel version is also available on request. 

The market leading Halers H2 is available in a choice of beam angles. The industry standard 38 degree beam and a wider 60 degree beam. A 38 degree beam is narrow but more intense whilst a 60 degree beam spreads the light out further. A wider beam and can be used more effectively in larger rooms as it can allow further spacing's to be achieved and fewer downlights to be installed.

Product Specification
  • Wattage: 8.5 watt / Comparable brightness to a 50 watt halogen
  • Voltage: Mains 240V via the integrated LED driver.
  • Cap / base: N/A The LED is integrated into the downlight.
  • Position: Fixed position only. Check out the matching Halers H4FF which is a fully adjustable version that has the same LED chip and beam angle angle variations.
  • IP Rating: IP65 suitable for bathroom zones 1 and 2.
  • Material: Plastic bezel.
  • Finish: Available in 6 finishes. Choose from the product options.
  • Colour temperatures and lumens: 
    - Extra warm white 2700K - 480lm
    - Warm white 3000K - 550lm
    -  Cool white (also known as neutral white) 4000K - 580lm
  • Need more lumens? The new Halers H2 Pro 700 has a lumen output of up to 765 lumens.
  • Efficacy:
    - 2700K - 56 lumens per watt
    - 3000K - 64 lumens per watt
    - 4000K - 68 lumens per watt
  • CRI: 80 - Higher colour rendering.
  • Part L Compliant.
  • Fire rated: Yes, fully fire rated.
  • Beam angle: Optional 38 or 60 degrees, choose from the product options or click here for more information.
  • Dimmable: Yes, fully dimmable as standard. Recommended dimmer switch: Varilight V-Com 
  • LED driver included: Yes
  • High power factor of 0.95
  • Can be covered in thermal insulation by adding a SpotClip insulation cover cap.
  • Manufacturer: Halers / Collingwood Lighting.
  • Life expectancy: 70,000 hours.
  • 7 Year guarantee: CLICK HERE.


Q1) How many downlights do I need for my room?
A1) As a guide we recommend installing 1 downlight per square metre. This equates to having a distance of 0.5M from the walls and 1M between each light. Collingwood Lighting have created this website so you can play around with how many you need CLICK HERE to view.

Q2) Does it come with a bezel?
A2) Yes, the bezel is included in our price, simply select which finish you want from the product options. See the bottom of the page to compare each one.

Q3) Do I need any other items?
A3) No, this downlight has an integrated LED and driver attached to it. It is essentially mains voltage. All you need is mains cable, the latest 550T now comes with a T block connector and decorator box, more information can be found in the video at the bottom of the page.

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These downlights were recommended by our electrician and they are (if you'll pardon the pun) spot on !

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Excellent quality product

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  • Hole cut out size: 60 to 70mm. For larger holes up to 150mm a hole converter plate is available: CLICK HERE
  • Rim diameter: 90mm
  • Overall depth: 56mm including LED driver.
  • Installation instructions available CLICK HERE.

Approvals & Regulations
  • Halers LED downlights comply with Building Regulations; Part B (fire safety), Part C (moisture protection), Part E (acoustics).
  • The H2 Pro is also Part L1 & L2 compliant (energy efficiency).

Extra warm white / 2700K - 60 degree beam

  • DL3566027 + RB359BLK - Matt Black Bezel
  • DL3566027 + RB359BS - Brushed Steel Bezel
  • DL3566027 + RB359CR - Polished Chrome Bezel
  • DL3566027 + RB359PG - Polished Gold Bezel
  • DL3566027 + RB359SIL - Silver Bezel
  • DL3566027 + RB359MW - Matt White Bezel

Warm white / 3000K - 38 degree beam

  • DL35638WW + RB359BLK - Matt Black Bezel
  • DL35638WW + RB359BS - Brushed Steel Bezel
  • DL35638WW + RB359CR - Polished Chrome Bezel
  • DL35638WW + RB359PG - Polished Gold Bezel
  • DL35638WW + RB359SIL - Silver Bezel
  • DL35638WW + RB359MW - Matt White Bezel

Warm white / 3000K - 60 degree beam

  • DL35660WW + RB359BLK - Matt Black Bezel
  • DL35660WW + RB359BS - Brushed Steel Bezel
  • DL35660WW + RB359CR - Polished Chrome Bezel
  • DL35660WW + RB359PG - Polished Gold Bezel
  • DL35660WW + RB359SIL - Silver Bezel
  • DL35660WW + RB359MW - Matt White Bezel

Cool white / Neutral white 4000K - 38 degree beam

  • DL35638NW + RB359BLK - Matt Black Bezel
  • DL35638NW + RB359BS - Brushed Steel Bezel
  • DL35638NW + RB359CR - Polished Chrome Bezel
  • DL35638NW + RB359PG - Polished Gold Bezel
  • DL35638NW + RB359SIL - Silver Bezel
  • DL35638NW + RB359MW - Matt White Bezel

Cool white / Neutral white 4000K - 60 degree beam

  • DL35660NW + RB359BLK - Matt Black Bezel
  • DL35660NW + RB359BS - Brushed Steel Bezel
  • DL35660NW + RB359CR - Polished Chrome Bezel
  • DL35660NW + RB359PG - Polished Gold Bezel
  • DL35660NW + RB359SIL - Silver Bezel
  • DL35660NW + RB359MW - Matt White Bezel

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