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LED Strip Tape

LED Strip Tape (Various types) Priced Per Metre

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Quick Overview

LED strip tape provides a continuous array of light that can be cut down to the exact size you require. It can also be extended to infinitely longer lengths by linking additional accessories and LED drivers to the run.

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LED strip tape provides a continuous array of light that can be cut down to the exact size you require. It can also be extended to infinitely longer lengths by linking additional accessories and LED drivers to the run.

The versatility of LED tape has made it increasing popular as it allows users to design their own unique lighting installations. With steady reductions in the cost of LED prices over the years, it's now affordable to everyone. Anything from smaller linear lengths for under cabinet lighting to rectangular shaped designs for cove lighting can be easily achieved.

We offer three different IP (International Protection) ratings which offer different resistances to dust and water. Ranging from IP20 which has no water resistance to IP68 LED tape which is fully water and dust resistant and can even be used outdoors or fully submersed in water. The most popular version is IP65 as it offers more than adequate protection for the majority of applications.

Choose between the industry standard three main colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K or colour changing known as RGB. Or we have RGB+WW and RGB+W these are essentially two LED strips combined with RGB and warm white or RGB and cool white. With these you can either mix the colours at the same time or have one or the other. We've found that RGB+WW works great in kitchens as you can use the RGB for mood lighting and switch to warm white for chopping and cooking.

A new edition to our range is CCT LED tape which is colour temperature adjustable. This has both 2700K and 6500K LED chips in one row. Containing 120 LEDs and at 19.2W per metre, you don't have to compromise on light output and can have the best of both worlds. CCT LED tape allows you to quickly switch from a homely warm light to a clearer daylight colour and a mixture of everything in-between.

We also offer two different voltages of 12V or 24V DC. We recommend 12V for shorter runs and 24V for longer runs of over 5 metres. 

As part of our own LED Strip Fit brand of products we can supply LED tape made to measure to the lengths that are required and included soldered input cables or plug-in pins. This way no wastage is necessary and valuable time can be saved on site.

Unsure of which LED Tape is Right for you? 

Contact us for advice on: 01706 868343 or email your enquiry to: sales@downlights.co.uk and we'll not only advise you on which type to use but can also recommend any other components you'll need such as LED drivers, connecting cables and controllers which are needed for RGB tape. We also have some further information at the bottom of the page.

Soldered Connections

As standard the LED tape you order will come with a DC female connector for single colour versions, a 4 pin female connector for RGB, or 5 bare wires for RGB+WW. Each with a length of 150mm on the input side. If you would like soldered input tails, or output connections we can offer this service. Just give a call or email us and we'll arrange everything for you. We charge £2+VAT per solder.


  • Wattage: 7.2W / 10W / 14.4W / 19.2W per metre
  • LEDs per metre: 30 / 60 / 120 LEDs per metre.
  • Colour temperatures: 
    - 2700K Extra warm white
    - 3000K Warm white
    - 4000K Cool White
    - RGB Colour changing
    - RGB+WW Colour changing & warm white
    - RGB+W Colour changing & cool white
    - CCT Colour temperature adjustable 2700K-6500K
  • Voltage: 12V or 24V DC
  • LED types:
    - SMD5050
    - SMD3014 for IP68 single colour
    - SMD5050 +SMD3528 for RGB+WW
    - SMD2835 for CCT tape
  • Beam angle: 120 degrees
  • CRI: 75 and CCT is higher CRI at 90
  • LED chip type: Epistar
  • Dimmable with a triac dimmable LED driver. Colour changing versions can be dimmed using the controller.
  • Life expectancy: 50,000 hours
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • IP Ratings: IP20 / IP43 / IP65 / IP68 versions available.
  • Approvals: RoHS, CE and FCC.
  • Brand: LED Strip Fit

Which LED Tape?

If you want to achieve a subtle background lighting effect we recommend the 30 LEDs (7.2W) per metre version. This has got gaps of 33mm between each LED.

Our most popular choice is the 60 LEDs per metre version which offers continuous bright light effect similar to a fluorescent tube. This versions has a lumen output of up to 1080 lumens per metre. This twice the amount of LEDs and is twice as bright with gaps of 16.5mm between each LED.

For external lighting applications we recommend our IP68 rated LED tape which is fully encapsulated. This version isn't self adhesive, it's supplied with mounting clips.

If you don't want to be stuck with just one colour and want the option of blues, greens, reds and many other colours you should select RGB. RGB is a full colour changing strip which requires an additional controller to change the colours with. You either select a primary colour or mix them to create an almost endless array of different colours. The colour white can be selected but it is more of an off-white with a really high kelvin rating of around 7000K

RGB+WW is a mixture of colour changing LED tape and warm white all in one or RGB+W has a cool white strip instead. You can either select or mix any of the colours just like RGB or you can select the white colour temperature when you need to see more clearly what you're doing, ideal for cooking etc.

The key selling feature of this version is mixing the primary colours with warm or cool white which produce some unique orange and pink colours. This version is supplied with mounting clips and isn't self adhesive.

Lumens (brightness)

  • 30 LEDs Per Metre SMD5050 produces 480 to 540 lumens per metre.
  • 60 LEDs Per Metre SMD5050 produces 960 to 1080 lumens per metre.
  • 120 LEDs per Metre SMD3014 produces 1068 to 1200 lumens per metre.
  • 120 LEDs per Metre SMD5050+SMD3528 produces 1260 lumens per metre with 840 lumens for RGB and 420 lumens from the secondary warm white.
  • CCT LED tape produces 1310 to 1610 lumens per metre. Requires either a basic RF controller or multi-zone controller with receiver .

View our extension guide that provides further information about how to order LED tape and shows some great examples of how it can be used.

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30 LEDs Per Metre SMD5050

  • Width: 10mm
  • Height: 3mm
  • Cut points are every 100mm for 12V or every 167mm for 24V
  • Reel length: 10M

60 LEDs Per Metre SMD5050

  • Width: 10mm
  • Height:
    - IP20 2mm
    - IP65 3mm
    - IP68 4.5mm
  • Cut points are every 50mm for 12V or every 100mm for 24V
  • Reel length: 12V IP65 and 24V IP68 is every 5M / 24V every IP20 and IP65 every 10M

120 LEDs Per Metre SMD3014 IP68

  • Width: 10mm
  • Height: 4.5mm
  • Cut points are every 100mm
  • Reel length: 5M

120 LEDs Per Metre RGB+WW & RGB+W (SMD5050 +SMD3528)

  • Width: 14mm
  • Height: 4mm
  • Cut points are every 100mm
  • Reel length: 5M

CCT LED Tape 120 LEDs Per Metre (SMD2835)

  • Width: 12mm
  • Height: 3mm
  • Cut points are every 100mm
  • Reel length: 5M

30 LEDs Per Metre (7.2W/M) IP65 12V or 24V SMD5050

  • LEDST30EW - Extra warm white 2700K
  • LEDST30WW - Warm white 3000K
  • LEDST30CW - Cool white 4000K
  • LEDST30RGB - Colour changing RGB
  • LEDST30EW/24V - Extra warm white 2700K
  • LEDST30WW/24V - Warm white 3000K
  • LEDST30CW/24V - Cool white 4000K
  • LEDST30RGB/24V - Colour changing RGB

60 LEDs Per Metre (14.4W/M) IP20 24V SMD5050
  • LEDST60EW/24V(IP20) - Extra warm white 2700K
  • LEDST60WW/24V(IP20) - Warm white 3000K
  • LEDST60CW/24V(IP20) - Cool white 4000K
  • LEDST60RGB/24V(IP20) - Colour changing RGB

60 LEDs Per Metre (14.4W/M) IP65 12V or 24V SMD5050

  • LEDST60EW - Extra warm white 2700K
  • LEDST60WW - Warm white 3000K
  • LEDST60CW - Cool white 4000K
  • LEDST60RGB - Colour changing RGB
  • LEDST60EW/24V - Extra warm white 2700K
  • LEDST60WW/24V - Warm white 3000K
  • LEDST60CW/24V - Cool white 4000K
  • LEDST60RGB/24V - Colour changing RGB

60 LEDs Per Metre (10W/M) IP68 24V SMD5050

  • FD-5050-60-RGB - Colour changing RGB

120 LEDs Per Metre (10W/M) IP68 24V SMD3014

  • FD-3014-120-EW - Extra warm white 2700K
  • FD-3014-120-WW - Warm white 3000K
  • FD-3014-120-CW - Cool white 4000K

120 LEDs Per Metre (19.2W/M) IP65 SMD5050 +SMD3528

  • LEDST120RGBWW/24V - Colour changing + Warm white combination
  • LEDST120RGBW/24V - Colour changing + Cool white combination

CCT 120 LEDs Per Metre (19.2W/M) IP43 SMD2835

  • LEDST120CCT/24V - Colour temperature adjustable 2700-6500K

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