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Colour changing LED strip tape that unlocks an entire spectrum of colour changing effects.

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  • Features

    Colour changing LED strip tape that unlocks an entire spectrum of colour changing effects. The RGB (Red, Green, Blue) version uses the primary colours to provide a multitude of colour changing choices. While the RGBW (Red, Green, Blue & White) also includes a dedicated white 4000K LED chip; with warm white included with the RGBWW 3000K version.

    Or the RGB + CCT strip which is colour changing and colour temperature adjustable in 1. This strip allows colour changing and colour temperature adjustable effects with a temperature range of 2400K to 6500K.

    LED strip tape provides a continuous array of light that can be cut down to the size you require. It can also be extended to infinitely longer lengths by integrating additional accessories and LED drivers into the run.

    As part of our own LED Strip Fit brand of products we can supply LED tape made to measure to the exact lengths you require. We can include soldered input and output cables or plug-in pins for bends and corners. This way no wastage is necessary and valuable time can be saved during installations.

    Key Features

    • Wattage types, LEDs and lumens per metre:
      - Medium output RGB 60 LEDs, 14.4W and 960 lumens per metre
      - High output RGB 96 LEDs, 23W and 1056 lumens per metre
      - RGBW & RGBWW 96 LEDs, 23W and a total of 1400 lumens per metre
      - RGB CCT 60 LEDs, 24W and a total of 1130 lumens per metre
    • Colours:
      - RGB (standard colour changing R,G,B.)
      - RGBW (colour changing with 4000K)
      - RGBWW (colour changing with warm white)
      - RGB+CCT (colour changing with colour temperature adjustable)
    • Voltage: 12V or 24V DC
    • LED chip types:
      - SMD5060 Epistar for RGB 14.4W, 60 LEDs per metre LEDs per metre
      - SMD5060 Saumsung for RGB 23W, 60 LEDs per metre LEDs per metre
      - SMD5060+SMD2835 Epistar for RGB+W & RGB+WW
      - SMD5060 Epistar 5 in 1 chip for RGB+CCT 24W /M
    • Beam angle: 120 degrees
    • CRI: CRI90 as standard for the white chips within RGBW/RGBWW
    • IP Ratings: IP20 / IP65 / IP68 versions available
    • Non dimmable drivers available here dimming is done using the controller via a non dimmable driver
    • Life expectancy: 50,000 hours
    • Guarantee: 3 years
    • Approvals: RoHS CE and FCC
    • Brand: LED Strip Fit

    Which LED Tape?

    RGB LED colour changing tape allows you t unleash the full colour spectrum with blues, greens, reds and everything in-between. The downside of RGB is that is doesn't have a true white. When you switch to white, its a really 'off-white shade' with a really high kelvin rating of around 7000K, difficult for task lighting like chopping food or reading cook books.

    The more advanced RGB+W and RGB+WW offers a mixture of colour changing LED tape with a dedicated cool or warm white all in one. You can either select a static colour, or mix any of the colours just like RGB. You can select the white colour temperature when you need to see more clearly what you're doing, which is ideal for cooking etc. Another key selling feature of this version is mixing the primary colours with warm or cool white which produces some unique orange and pink effects.

    The RGB+CCT features colour changing with colour temperature adjustable in one. You have the colour changing effects as well as an impressive colour temperature range of 2400K - 6500K.

    To select the correct LED driver (also known as an LED power supply or LED transformer) follow these 4 rules:

    1. The voltage of the LED tape must match the LED driver. If the LED tape is 12V, the LED driver must be 12V.
    2. The wattage rating of the LED driver must be big enough to carry the full load of the LED tape, or the total lengths x wattage of tapes that you're connecting to it. Our LED drivers can be loaded to 100%, a 60W driver means 60W.
    3. Colour changing LED tapes require a non dimmable driver as the dimming is done by the controller.
    4. If in doubt please contact us, if you email your requirements to us we'll get back to you quickly and answer any other questions you have. Ordering LED tape can seem complicated especially if you're new to it but we've been selling this for over 6 years and consider ourselves experts in this field.

    Which Controller?

    We offer a selection of basic controllers from IR (Infra-Red) which requires a direct line of site for it to operate. We also have RF (Radio-Frequency) versions that operate from further distances. We have controllers available for single zone and multiple zone use.

    Our latest range of controllers are easier to operate with the Gledopto series that can be controlled from your smartphone or with a handheld remote or wall controller. These receivers can be connected to a zone of LED tape and allow you to control individual or multiple lights individually or all at once. We have Wi-Fi receivers that work with the Tuya App here, or a multifunction version that works with the Smart Life or the Philips Hue App here.

    Cable Connections

    As standard RGB LED tape comes with a 4 core cable with a 4 pin female connector on each end. This can be snipped off to leave you with bare wires or used with plug-in style controllers and connecting pins.

    With 5 bare wires for RGB+W and RGB+WW and 6 wires for RGB+CCT. Each with a length of 150mm on the input side. If you would like soldered input tails or output connections we can offer this service. Input cables can be ordered online or email us for anything complicated and we'll arrange everything for you. We charge £3 +VAT per solder.

    We also have a range of solder-less connectors called Hippo connectors with 4 pin versions available for use with RGB including IP20 and IP65.

    Information About IP Ratings

    We offer 3 different IP (Ingress Protection) ratings which offer different resistances to dust and water. Ranging from IP20 which has no water resistance to IP68 LED tape which is fully water and dust resistant, generally used outdoors. The most popular version is IP20 as it offers adequate protection for the majority of applications and costs less. Some users prefer the IP65 rated version regardless of water risk. Its coated with a silicone glue that provides a sturdier design than IP20.

    Further Information

    View our buying guide that provides further information about how to order LED tape that shows some great examples of how it can be used. Or contact our sales team for expert advice, we can supply anything from the simple to the sublime!

  • Specifications & Dimensions
    Beam Angle
    120 Degrees
    Brand LED Strip Fit
    90 Ra
    Cap Type Integrated LED
    Colour Temperature
    Dimensions Located Below Specifications Table
    Dimmable Yes
    LED Specification
    Life Expectancy 50,000 Hours
    Product Type LED Tape
    Warranty 3 Years

    60 LEDs Per Metre SMD5060

    • Width: 10mm
    • Height: - IP20: 2mm- IP65: 3mm
    • Cut points are every 50mm for 12V or every 100mm for 24V
    • Reel length: 12V IP65 are 5M / 24V are 10M

    RGB 96 LEDs Per Metre SMD5060

    • Width: 10mm
    • Height: 3mm
    • Cut points are every 62.5mm
    • Reel length: 10M

    96 LEDs Per Metre RGB+WW & RGB+W (SMD5060 +SMD2835)

    • Width: 12mm
    • Height: 2mm
    • Cut points are every 125mm
    • Reel length: 10M

    RGB & CCT LED Tape 60 LEDs Per Metre (SMD5060)

    • Width: 12mm
    • Height: 2mm
    • Cut points are every 100mm
    • Reel length: 10M

    60 LEDs Per Metre SMD5060 IP68

    • Width: 14mm (16mm with end caps)
    • Height:4.5mm
    • Cut points are every 100mm
    • Reel length: 10M

    96 LEDs Per Metre RGB+WW & RGB+W (SMD5060 +SMD2835) IP68

    • Width: 14mm (16mm with end caps)
    • Height: 4.5mm
    • Cut points are every 125mm
    • Reel length: 10M
  • Reviews
  • Q & A

    Q & A

    Set Descending Direction
    Hi, my electrician will install (to the mains) under counter lighting in my new kitchen. I was looking at buying the following
    RGBWW 96LED 23W 5 metres
    Non dimmable driver to allow for 115W

    What controller do I use for changing colour and brightness?
    What should I buy to bridge gaps in cabinets, eg an 80cm extractor fan?
    Anything else that is essential?

    Question by: Bill McClatchie on 3 May 2022, 10:42

    There are a few ways of doing this, for example:

    Option 1 - To have one big driver & 1 controller, with each strip and cables connected from one side to the other.

    Option 2 - Separate each LED tape per cabinet and have a small driver & receiver per cabinet.

    It depends how easy is to run the cables. I prefer splitting the sections up and using smaller drivers.

    For 5 metres, yes the wattage is 115W, so we would recommend the HLG-150H-24A

    You could have 1x
    Or add more if you're splitting up the strips (with smaller drivers) and control them all at once via the Tuya App or with these controllers:


    Our sales team can provide a quotation if required, please email: [email protected] with all of the dimensions and drawing if you have one.
    Answer by: Chris Horridge (Admin) on 3 May 2022, 11:29

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  • Product Codes

    Colour Changing 60 LEDs Per Metre (14.4W/M) SMD5060

    • LEDST60RGB/24V(IP20) - Colour changing RGB 24V IP20
    • LEDST60RGB - Colour changing RGB 12V IP65
    • LEDST60RGB/24V - Colour changing RGB 24V IP65
    • LEDST605060IP68RGB - RGB colour changing IP68

    96 LEDs Per Metre (23W/M) 24V SMD5060

    • LEDST96RGB/24V - Colour changing RGB IP20
    • LEDST506096IP68RGB -Colour changing RGB IP68

    96 LEDs Per Metre (23W/M) IP65 SMD5060 +SMD2835 24V

    • LEDST96RGBWW/24VN - Colour changing + Warm white combination
    • LEDST96RGBW/24VN - Colour changing + Cool white combination

    RGB & CCT 60 LEDs Per Metre (24W/M) IP65 SMD5060 5 in 1 Chip

    • LEDSTRGBCCT -Colour changing and colour temperature adjustable 2400K-6500K 24V