Which LED Candle Bulb?

Admittedly this guide may only be valid for a few months as LED candle bulbs change fast, faster than any other types of LEDs, but for now (December 2015) it's current. All of the big lighting brands such as Kosnic, Osram, Sylvania and GE have their own versions of LED candles but we've always stuck with Megaman and Philips. These brands more than meet our needs and are available to offer the highest quality at affordable prices.

Between these two brands we can offer every cap type, dimmable candles and cheaper non dimmable versions. This varied selection now even includes a cool white 4000K candle. Here is an introduction to the ones we offer:

Philips LED Candles

Philips tend keep their offerings limited to one colour temperature which is 2700K and only the most popular cap types which doesn't include E27. Possibly because they know they're going to bring out a newer model in just a few months time. They are currently available in a 3.5 watt and a watt version which offer alternatives to 25 and 40 watt incandescent.

The Philips diamond sparkle range produces superb warm lighting effect which is great for chandeliers, wall lights and table lamps. They come with a relatively short 20,000 hour life expectancy but have a 5 year guarantee. The Philips diamond spark range is dimmable as standard but is already being phased out in favour of a new Dimtone version which we  have now moved onto.

The Philips 6 watt candles are very bright with a lumen output of 470 lumens. Click here to view this range or the new 8 watt  version which has a lumen output of 806 lumens! Making it the brightest LED candle on the market. All of these products are available order right now and can be delivered straight to your door.

Megaman Lighting have two versions of LED candles, their premium range known as Incanda and their economy range called Modo.

The Incanda is dimmable as standard and was available up until recently in a 4 watt, 5 watt and a 6 watt version. Like Philips, Megaman are standardising on a 6 watt dim to warm candle. Dim to warm is similar to Philips Dimtone, the lower you dim the brightness, the lower the colour temperature becomes. This allows you to create a more cosy lighting effect which can be great in living rooms, bars, restaurants and hotel lobbies. This colour temperature is also available in lamps like GU10, GLS and AR111.

The Incanda  range has the longest life expectancy of 50,000 hours and comes with a 5 year guarantee. The lumen output of the Incanda range is 350 lumens.

The Incanda range is also fully compatible with home automation system Lightwave RF. Mainly because Megaman and Lightwave are now part of the same group. Click here to view this range and order them to your door.

Megaman Modo

The Modo range of candle bulbs is an economy range that is non dimmable and comes with a shorter 15,000 hour lifetime. These are non dimmable. The stand out features of this range is not just the low price which is just £2.61 +VAT, but the large choice of cap types and colour temperatures.

Cool white LED candles have been very difficult to obtain until now. But if you've got cool white downlights throughout your home or business you'll certainly want cool white LED candles to match. They're also available in the more homely 2800K warmer colour temperature as well.

Even though the Modo range is ultra cost effective it's still just as bright as the Philips 6 watt version with an impressive lumen output of 470 lumens. To view this range and order online click here .

Comparing LED to Incandescent

To accurately compare the brightness of an LED bulb to a traditional incandescent you need to compare the lumen output of each type. The lighting industry have introduced something called DIM2 compliance which gives consumers guidelines of exactly what the lumen output should be. Unfortunately DIM2 only applies to reflector lamps like GU10 and MR16 caps, the DIM2 chart can be found below:

The table below shows what the lumen outputs of the main incandescent candle bulbs should be. These types of lamps are now banned in the EU as they are not energy efficient:

The main LED candles we offer are 40 watt equivalents with a brightness 470 lumens. This would be even brighter than a traditional 40 watt candle. 

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