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Ener-J Smart Wireless Non-Dimmable Kinetic Switches, that require no wiring or batteries. Operating on kinetic energy, these switches are ideal for use in areas where a power cable can't be run.

  • Features

    Kinetic switches offer a wireless and battery free switching solution. Operating on kinetic energy, these switches are ideal for use in areas where a power cable can't be run.

    Requiring additional receivers which are wired into your lighting circuit, kinetic switches communicate with the receivers to perform switching or dimming functions. We also have Wi-Fi receivers that can be linked up with the Ener-J App to offer smart phone control along with many other Ener-J smart devices, or activated through voice control.

    We offer non dimmable and dimmable versions which must be used with a corresponding receiver. Receivers are available in various current ratings which vary depending on the loading requirements of your lighting circuit.

    They're also IP65 rated, so you can even use them inside a bathroom!


    Installers no longer need to be constrained by wiring location, the need to install back boxes or cut holes into walls as ENERJ’s Wireless switch can be installed or placed to maximise convenience. ENER-J’s wireless switch has a built-in micro energy generator, so the action of pressing the switch generates enough kinetic energy to create and transmit a radio signal. This, in turn, will switch on/off via a receiver (wireless controller) lamps or other loads.

    Advantages of using ENER-J’s wireless switches include:

    • Wireless - No piping or wiring required
    • Eco-friendly - No battery, no dust, no construction waste
    • Maintenance free - No need to ever change the battery
    • Water-resistance - The switch can work in wet environment (IP65)
    • Long range - The reliable RF remote control extends 30m indoor and 100m outdoor
    • Memory function - Remembers previous settings
    • Flexible pairing - Create multi-location switching
    • Easy installation - Takes only 5 minutes to install, with no battery, no WiFi, no BLE, no app required
    • Durable - 50 years mechanical lifetime of the switch
    • Cost saving - Saves 30% compared to a traditional switch. Reduces manual labour and decreases construction costs by 30%

    Download the ENERJ Smart APP

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    Key Features

    • Available in gang options: 1,2, 3 or 6 gang 
    • Finishes: Silver or white finishes
    • Available in non-dimmable for switching only, and dimmable which can be used for dimming and switching depending on which receiver is used
    • Wireless controllers / receivers are also required:
      - 5A (WS1016) and 10A (WS1017) for Non-Dimmable Switches (Order Separately)
    • Work type: 86 size rocker type
    • Power source: Micro energy acquisition and self-powered
    • Communication model: FSK
    • Work frequency: 433MHz
    • Keys: 1-3
    • Lifetime: 200,000 times on/off
    • Control distance:
      - Outdoor 160 meters
      - Indoor 30 meters
    • Control method: Pairing with ENER-J Wireless controller
    • No Wires: Through a wireless control terminal, such as the light or motor
    • No Power supply: Dose not need any power cords, batteries or whatever power source
    • Energy saving: Reduce PVC tubing, wiring and cutting walls
    • Eco-friendly: Reduces battery usage, renovation waste and noise, and CO2 emission
    • Save money: Reduce manual labor, decrease construction costs by 30%, Speed up progress by 40%
    • Safety: Waterproof so perfect to use in bathrooms where you don’t need to worry about voltage regulations since these are volt free
    • Smart: Can pair up connection, control at will, and dock with smart home system
    • Durable: Wireless kinetic switches does not use batteries, creates no wear and tear, and can be used for 60 years
    • Manufacturer: Ener-J
    • Guarantee: 2 Years
  • Specifications & Dimensions
    Brand Ener-J
    Dimensions Located Below Specifications Table
    Product Type Kinetic Switch
    Sku WS102*
    Warranty 2 Years

    • Length: 86mm
    • Width: 86mm
    • Height: 14.5mm

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  • Product Codes

    Non Dimmable - Switching Only

    • WS1022 - 2 Gang - Silver
    • WS1030 - 6 Gang - White

    Dimmable (Switching or Dimming)

    • WS1024 - 1 Gang - White
    • WS1025 - 2 Gang - White
    • WS1035 - 3 Gang - White