Downlights for Boats?

downlights for boats

Due to popular demand we’ve added a range of LED downlights that are suitable for use in boats, caravans and other automotive vehicles. They can be used in any type of type of vehicle that is battery powered.

LED lights are delicate and require very specific input voltages or currents to operate them. Otherwise they can be driven too hard which will eventually cause the LED to overheat and fail. Most LEDs have a supply voltage of 12V DC (Direct Current). This voltage must be maintained and is known as constant voltage.

Battery Powered Lighting

The supply voltage from a 12V automotive battery found in vehicles like cars, boats and mobile homes will have a variable output voltage of around 9-16V DC. The voltage range varies depending on the charge capacity of the battery, at full charge the battery is stronger and delivers more volts, while at low charge it will deliver less volts.

This voltage fluctuation could potentially damage LED lights over a period of time. The time frame would depend on the hours of usage and the batteries capacity.

To deal with this voltage fluctuation we’ve introduced a range of DC to DC converters. They are available in 2 input voltage options which are 9-18V DC and 18-36V DC. These units provide a constant 12V DC output which is required for our range of miniature LED downlights known as MD-13 from Malmbergs Lighting. Available 2 finishes that include satin chrome or white.

Malmbergs MD-13 light12V Downlights

The MD-13 is a high quality LED downlight that is ideal for use in boats. Even if you have a supply voltage of 24V DC you can still use it by installing the 24V DC converter.

This downlight is low energy, consuming only 3 watts and is shallow in size at just 40mm in depth. Even though it is relatively small it produces a superb light output with a lumen package of 227 lumens which is comparable to a 20W G4 halogen. 

The wide beam angle of 45 degrees spreads the light out further and more evenly meaning you don’t need to install too many to get an acceptable uniformity. It is adjustable, allowing you to direct the light onto certain areas of the cabin or it can be left in the central position.

They are IP44 rated which means they are splash proof and suitable for use in bathroom zones 1 and 2. They’re not fully submersible so please don’t sink your boat otherwise the 5 year warranty may be voided, although you would then have more important things to worry about!

Just because you’re installing downlights in a boat you don’t need to compromise on quality, if these downlights were available in 1912 they may well have been installed in the Titanic.

Easy to Install Lighting

All you need to do is take the supply voltage from the battery, wire it into the converter and then connect the 12V lights to the converter.

boat downlight diagram

Our DC to DC converters are rated at 15W and will power up to 5 of the MD-13 downlights which are 3W each. Alternatively if you want to use these downlights in homes or anywhere with a standard mains voltage 230V supply you just need a 12V constant voltage LED driver such as our PVC1212 which will power up to 4 lights. Or we have dimmable LED drivers also available, such as this 15W dimmable driver which will power up to 5 lights.