How to Upgrade From Halogen to LED?

There are a number of ways of upgrading from halogen to LED, doing this depends on the type of downlights and halogen lamps you've currently got.

Option 1

If you're replacing low voltage MR16 50W halogens that have low voltage transformers, the first option and potentially easiest way to convert to LED is replace it with something like a Philips 8W MR16 LED. They should operate from your existing transformers. Because they operate on AC rather than DC you don't need to use a special LED driver. But this isn't always the case as MR16 LEDs aren't always compatible meaning you may also need to replace your transformers.

Another consideration is that if you plan to dim these you would need to ensure that the transformers you've got are dimmable. Otherwise they may need to replace all of your existing ones that is such as the Philips Certaline range or Varilight YT transformers. However, this is going to start adding to the costs and could make this option less attractive. You would also need an LED compatible dimmer switch such as the market leading Varilight V-Pro, all three of these components work well together.

Option 2

Again if you're replacing low voltage halogens but want to keep your existing downlights you can convert them into mains voltage GU10 by ordering some GU10 lamp holders and GU10 LEDs. This involves disconnecting the transformer and some re-wiring which should be done by a qualified electrician.

Option 3

Install brand new downlights. This option opens up a whole new world of opportunities to you. You could either install new GU10 downlights or integrated LED downlights CLICK HERE to find out what the difference is. In short, integrated ones have a built in and non replaceable LED while GU10s are cheaper and replaceable but are not as good in terms of light output or life expectancy. Check out our sale items for our latest special offers on downlights CLICK HERE to view.

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