Advantages of Dimmer Switches

The main reason for the existence of dimmable lighting products is that they allow you to create a more ambient, relaxed setting. Read More About Dimmer Switches

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Dimmable lights should be mandatory for most rooms. Especially if you have sufficient daylight available, you don’t always need the lights to be switched on at full brightness. They provide you with a more flexing lighting option.

One of the hidden advantages of dimming and particularly with LEDs is that dimming extends their lifetime. Because they’re not always being operated at full 100% power, they're not being constantly overran, dimming reduces stress on the components and reduces the chance of overheating to occur. LED lamps last longer but are more expensive to buy than the now banned halogen ancestor. Extending their lifetime can potentially save you a lot of money as well as a reduction in maintenance costs.

When dimming your lights, you’re also reducing your electricity costs. Although the savings when dimming LEDs are respectable in terms of percentages, a reduction in a few watts isn't going to save the planet, unlike in the days of halogens when the savings were more substantial.

Just by having a dimmer switch as opposed to an ordinary light switch on the circuit automatically saves you 4-10% in energy. This is because dimmer switches don’t deliver the full 100% light, even when at full brightness the light output is only 90-95%.

On average a domestic dimmer switch will save you 20% in electricity compared to a normal light switch. Much more substantial energy savings can be achieved by installing occupancy sensors, especially in rooms that are often vacated.

We have LED dimmer switches available in a selection of styles and finishes. We have dimmer modules that can be used as a retrofit solution for your existing wall plates. The brands we offer include Varilight, Lightwave RF, Lutron and Hamilton LEDstat.

Dimmer switches are a great way to get the ambiance you want in a space, whatever mood you are in. Whether you want to create a romantic feel or a relaxed vibe you can do it, and if you want a bright space to work in then you can have that too, at the turn of a switch. Here at Downlights.co.uk we understand the importance of having the right lighting and an LED dimmer switch from us could be just what you need.

Which LED Dimmer Switch Suits Your Needs?

If you're searching for a quality LED dimmer switch for your downlights – whether for home or the workplace – you are certainly in the right place. Our premium quality selection will give you complete control over the level of lighting in your chosen space. We have dimmers from top manufacturers such as Varilight that offer flicker-free dimming results not matter which LEDs you're dimming. You'll always find an LED dimmer to suit your needs on our site.

Find the Ideal LED Dimmer Switch Online

We have a number of quality LED dimmer switches available right here, so take a look at the selection of products currently on sale. Choose a switch to meet your needs and your budget, and shop online today for great value and excellent lighting solutions.

What Causes LEDs to Flicker?

As experts in the field of dimming LEDs, we make sure that the dimmer switches are fully compatible with the LED lamps and LED downlights we sell. We wouldn't stand for buzzing and flickering in homes, so why should you? CLICK HERE to find out why LEDs flicker and how to rectify the problem.

Matching Varilight Switches & Sockets

To compliment our range of LED dimmer switches we now offer a complete range of screw less flat plate switches and sockets which are available in a variety of finishes and styles.

Lightwave RF - Affordable Home Automation

Control your lights and power sockets with remotely using a remote control or smartphone. Lightwave smart switches allow you to dim LED lights from the comfort of your arm chair or couch. Set timer sequences for automated lighting capabilities. With a single tap on your smartphone you can activate a scene that dims some lights, switches others and sets the perfect lighting mood for your evening.