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5 Item(s)

To order an LED track lighting system, here are the things you should consider:

  1. Choose the brand of track. Megaman has been our most popular choice of track. It is available in black or white finishes and in 1 or 2 metre lengths.

  2. Choose your track fittings. For domestic use, the GU10 track fittings are a great option with the Mosaic being the most popular option. Or for commercial use you should consider a bigger fitting like one of the AR111 GU10 versions like the Toby. AR111 GU10 are 111mm in diameter compared to 51mm for a GU10 and have twice the light output.

    AR111 GU10's operate on mains voltage and make them a great choice for track systems as you don't an additional LED driver. Or if you need something even brighter we also have a range of higher output LED track fittings such as the Modena which has a light output of up to 4400 lumens.

  3. If you've chosen a GU10 fitting like the Mosaic or an AR111 GU10 track fitting you'll also need to purchase LED lamps to go with them. The Mosaic must be fitted with Megaman GU10s as the fittings have a special groove inside them which only houses Megaman LEDs. The main Megaman GU10 LEDs can be found here.

  4. Finally you're going to need some accessories which are available here. For a basic system you're going to need a live end for the input connection and an end cap for the opposite end. You'll also need some mounting accessories such as the suspension kit or the ceiling/wall mounting kit.

If you need help with the selection process or if you have a more complicated design, please send us an email with all the details including any drawings and we'll respond with an official quotation.

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