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Download or view the latest Lightwave RF 2018 brochure below:

Please contact us for further information about this exciting smart lighting system, we can offer discounts for bulk quotations and larger projects. Here are some other really useful links from the LightwaveRF official website:

  • FAQ's; the frequently asked questions range from basic to technical. CLICK HERE to view.

  • Product manuals; pretty much everything you need to know can be found in the product manuals. A quick read of the relevant manual will make you understand just how easy Lightwave RF is to install. CLICK HERE to view. Here is a link to the Lightwave RF YouTube channel  which features some new videos and information about Gen1 and Gen2.

Here is a video showing some of the advantages of using the Lightwave RF Gen2 version:

Lightwave RF have re-branded Gen2 as Smart Series and Gen1 as Connect. But what are the differences between Smart Series and Connect Series? Here is a summary about each version:

Smart Series (formally Gen2)

Lightwave RF's key selling feature of Smart Series is that it has 2 way communication. This means that the App always knows if a device has been activated. If you were using the Connect Series and you manually switched off a light switch the App wouldn't be aware of the change as the switch doesn't communicate back to the App. With 2 way communication you can monitor energy usage without needing an additional energy monitor.

My personal key selling feature is that the smart switches are not just switches or dimmers, they really are smart. Using the App you can program a 3 gang dimmer (for example) into your own unique switching setup. One of the gangs could be a dimmer, one of the gangs could be a slave dimmer and the other gang could be an on/off switch that doesn't dim, just switch. In-comparison to the Connect Series, you'd need to purchase different products to do different switching sequences. A Connect Series 3 gang dimmer can only be used with dimmable lamps, you need to use the wire free version for switching which requires a wire free switch and receiver, and they don't do a 3 gang wire free switch in that series.

It's easier and faster to set up using the App with the Link Plus, it almost sets itself up its that easy, but Smart costs twice as much as Connect.

Currently this range is limited to wired smart switches, sockets and heating controls, no wire free products are currently available. But you can use Connect Series equipment with the Smart Series App, it just won't provide 2 way communication.

Connect Series (formally Gen1)

Although it is the older version its still a current range and will remain a key part of Lightwave RF's plans for the foreseeable future, working alongside Smart. Depending on what you to do and how much you're willing to pay for a smart lighting system, both versions are worth considering. If you want a simple wire free solution or want to dim one light remotely then the Connect Series would be a great option. If you want to control an entire home or business and accurately monitor the energy usage then consider the Smart Series.

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