Halogen Bulb Ban 2016

Halogen Bulb Ban 2016 – What Does It Mean for You?

Whilst there was a plan to delay the ban to September 2018, following a review by the European Commission, it has been concluded that mains-voltage halogen directional lamps can indeed be phased out from September 1st 2016.

This means that from September the 1st 2016, mains voltage halogen light bulbs will no longer be manufactured or imported for sale within the EU. This includes popular cap types like GU10, E27 and B22.

GU10 halogens and other reflectors like R63, R80 and GLS style light bulbs can still be continued to be sold after this date but manufacturing will cease.

This follows on from the 2011 ban of incandescent lamps, it’s difficult to believe that’s 5 years ago when LED technology was still in its infancy and very costly. Many consumers opted for CFL and halogen but with LED prices plummeting by as much as 70% in 5 years now is surely the right time to switch.

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Why Is Halogen Being Banned?

Halogen lighting technology is grossly inefficient. A 50 watt halogen GU10 can now be replaced by an LED that consumes as little as 4.3 watts! That’s an energy saving of over 91%. I think it’s strange that consumers even need this ban to force them into becoming energy efficient as LEDs pay for themselves.

Switching to LED

Making the transition from halogen to LED has never been easier or more economical to do. The price of a high quality dimmable GU10 LED  from Philips is just £4.75 including VAT and it’s designed to last for 35,000 hours which is 35 times longer than halogen.

Here are some options for you to consider if you're replacing your 50 watt halogen GU10s:

Philips Master Value 4.3w GU10 LED - An ideal choice for downlights

Philips Class 5.5w GU10 LED - An ideal choice for spotlights

Will 'Brexit' effect the ban?

No, the recent Brexit result won’t have any effect on this ban as the UK is still technically part of the EU. In the future, when the UK officially leaves the EU, it could possibly decide to overturn the halogen ban. That would be very unlikely to happen, not unless Teresa May is a big fan of halogen lighting!

More Information

The Worlds leading lighting manufacturer Philips Lighting has produced a great document that also helps to explain the ban. It also explains which other lamp types are going to be outlawed and recommends which LED versions to upgrade to. CLICK HERE to view.

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