Smart Lighting

Control your lights or electrical equipment from your smartphone with a smart lighting product.

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Smart Lighting

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    Collingwood Smart Lamp GU10
    As low as £10.92 Incl. VAT
    Over 100 Variants In Stock
    Collingwood Smart Receivers
    As low as £29.11 Incl. VAT
    Over 100 Variants In Stock
  3. Ener-J 1 Gang Wireless Kinetic Switch Dimmable White
    Kinetic Switches Wireless & Battery-Free Ener-J
    As low as £17.40 Incl. VAT
    9 Variants In Stock
  4. Ener-J 1A Wireless Receiver Dimmable 100W RF & Wi-Fi
    Ener-J Wireless Receivers With RF & Wi-fi Control
    As low as £25.20 Incl. VAT
    4 Variants In Stock
    Smart LED Downlight RGB Halo CCT Crompton Spectrum
    19 In Stock | More Available In Usually 3-5 days
  6. Collingwood H4 Pro Smart Fire-Rated Colour Tuneable Downlight Brushed Steel
    Fire Rated Smart Adjustable LED Downlights Collingwood H4 Pro
    As low as £66.14 Incl. VAT
    Over 100 Variants In Stock
  7. Collingwood H2 Pro Smart Fire-Rated Colour Tuneable Downlight Brushed Steel
    Fire Rated Smart LED Downlights Collingwood H2 Pro
    As low as £47.96 Incl. VAT
    Over 100 Variants In Stock
  8. AU-A1BTD10CW
    Bluetooth Colour Changing LED Downlight 10W RGBCX Aurora AOne
    £29.58 Incl. VAT
    6 In Stock | More Available In Usually 3-5 days
  9. Ener-J Smart Wi-Fi Dimmable CCT Fire Rated 8W Downlight
    Ener-J Smart Wi-Fi Dimmable CCT Fire Rated 8W Downlight
    £20.70 Incl. VAT
    More Available In Usually 5-7 days
  10. Ener-J SHA5296 LED Downlight
    Ener-J Smart WiFi CCT Fire Rated LED Downlight 8W
    £23.99 Incl. VAT
    More Available In Usually 5-7 days
  11. Forum Culina Konect Wi-Fi LED Dimmers White
    RF Receivers with Wi-Fi Forum Konect
    As low as £38.70 Incl. VAT
    93 Variants In Stock
  12. ZigBee LED Controller RGB CCT Smart LED Controller Gledopto
    LED Strip Light Kit RGB+CCT Compatible with Zigbee Gledopto
    £23.70 Incl. VAT
    28 In Stock | More Available In Usually 3-4 weeks

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What is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is a term used to describe a lighting product that can be controlled using a smartphone. Instead of having a conventional light switch or dimmer switch, smart lighting products operate more intelligently.

The main advantage of smart lighting products is that they provide you with the ability to do more than just switch or dim. You have the added benefits of being able to set timer functions that switches your lights without you even having to be there.

Various light fittings and electrical devices can all be activated from one command. You can link multiple products together including switching from occupancy detectors and photocells. Or, just like a light switch, they can allow you to switch things manually via a remote control or your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

Best Features

One of the best features of smart lighting products is the ability to set lighting scenes. Lighting scenes can dim or switch a mixture of your lighting circuits to the level of your choosing at the touch of one button. If you’re watching TV in your lounge you might want your main light to be switched totally off, your wall lights to be dimmed down to 30% and your table lamps to be switched on; this could be called your ‘TV scene’.

Home Automation Wind of Change

For many years brands like Lutron, Crestron and Rako have dominated the home automation market with typical installations starting at the £1000 mark, but there are now many newcomers on the scene such as Lightwave (formally Lightwave RF) who offer a much more affordable solution. Its also easier to install and doesn't require any special programming.

All smart lighting systems work differently; some require a main control panel for them to work such as the Lutron Grafik Eye QS but other systems like Lightwave operate independently. A Lightwave system could be anything from just one dimmer switch, you also need a Wi-Fi Hub for Lightwave but that's it, no other items are needed.

Smart lighting has certainly shaken up the entire home automation market. While making it more popular, its also become affordable for everyone.

Do I Need a Hub?

Some systems like Lightwave and Collingwood do require a hub. Some standalone systems like Crompton smart lamps don't. Sometimes the cost of a Wi-Fi hub can prohibit the use of some brands especially for smaller, single room projects but the Collingwood CWD Smart system has a hub that doesn't cost the earth.

Collingwood CWD System

Th Collingwood CWD system has become our go-to brand, the range includes smart bulbs in GU10, E27 and B22 caps, a smart plug that converts existing power sockets into smart sockets. But the standout products in this range are the receiver units. These dimmable or non dimmable bridge devices can dim up to 120 watt of LED or switch up to 600 watt and can be used to converter ordinary lighting products into smart ones.

The Collingwood smart hub can control up to 30 devices and you can put multiple lights on one receiver unit. Its affordable, easy to install and controls smart, non smart, power and LED lights like strip tape or miniature LEDs. It also provides colour changing control and timed automations.

Other Brands

Some brands of smart lighting products don't require a hub such as the Crompton series. They work out of the box, without needing any other accessories. Smart lamps are particularly good for individual lights or rooms when you want something simple.

Many of these systems such as Lightwave can do much more than just lighting and now include, electrical sockets, security and heating controls.

When comparing smart lighting systems, some of them require a hub or gateway to allow internet connectivity such as the Philips Hue. Hubs cost more money as they are an additional component. Some of our latest smart lighting products such as the Ener-J smart range don’t need a hub. The products themselves communicate directly with your home router.

The Philips Hue is a product that completely revolutionized the world of smart light. This is a failry costly product that needs a hub. We stock alternatives to this including Aurora, Crompton and Ener-J. These brands are a more affordable alternative to the Philips Hue range and have more extensive accessories available.

Home Automation

If we use the term smart lighting to describe lamps and fittings, then the term home automation can be used for controls. This marketplace is changing rapidly; many of the giants of the industry such as Lutron, Creston and Rako are overpriced. Newcomers such as Lightwave have gained market share, offering similar systems that cost a fraction of the price.

The Lutron Graifk Eye for example was once the benchmark for home automation but if you want to control your lights from an App, you need at least two more add-ons. Recently Lutron decided to stop producing the Grafik Eye system which hasn't come as a surprise as its expensive and become dated.


In comparison to Lightwave which does require a hub and at least one smart switch or socket, it has no central processor. It does depend on what you actually want to achieve from a home automation system, if you're unsure on which system to go get in touch with us and we'll recommend the best system that suits you and your budget.

Voice Activated Dimming

If you want to be really technologically advanced you can now control your lighting and electrical products by voice command. Lightwave and Ener-J products for example are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Connected Lighting

Widely regarded by lighting industry leaders as the future of commercial lighting, connected lighting is a mixture of smart lighting and home automation. With light fittings that communicate via an App, letting it know if it’s operational, how much energy its consuming and if it needs replacing.

Many of the big lighting manufactures including Aurora, Ansell and Philips now have their own versions of connected lighting systems. The Aurora system is known as AOne which is available on request. The Aurora AOne Smart Lighting system is also suitable for domestic use and the range is expanding.