Premium IP65 Downlights for Safe & Stylish Bathroom Lighting

Premium IP65 Downlights for Safe & Stylish Bathroom Lighting

When selecting bathroom lighting products there are many important factors to consider. Recessed downlights in-particularity must be selected with care as they need to be water resistant due to the moist environment of the bathroom. IP65 downlights offer both safety and stylishness for your bathroom. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide insight into what these lights have to offer, helping you to make a fully informed decision when selecting them for your own home.

Key Takeaways

  • IP65-rated downlights are essential for bathroom lighting due to their water and dust protection, safety features, and durability.

  • Popular brands of IP65 downlights include Collingwood Lighting, Ansell Lighting, Aurora Lighting, JCC Lighting and Integral LED.

  • Engaging the services of a qualified professional electrician is recommended for safe installation in accordance with bathroom zones.

Understanding IP65 Downlights

bathroom IP65 downlight matt white

Downlights with an IP65 rating are the most popular choice for bathrooms as they offer resistance to both water and dust, making them suitable for areas such as showers. This IP rating, which stands for Ingress Protection is significant when it comes to bathroom lighting due to its protection from moisture and particles which could otherwise damage the fixture or interfere with visibility.

What is IP65 Rating?

The IP65 rating is an indication of how much a downlight or any electrical product can protect against dust and water. Its first digit, ‘6’, shows the greatest protection possible from dust while its second numeral – ‘5’ – signifies that it will keep out low-pressure jets of water no matter which direction they come in.

Technically you can use IP44 downlights in bathroom zones 1 and 2, but there aren't many brands who produce these as the industry standard is IP65, especially for recessed lighting. Some IP44 rated surface fittings such as bathroom spotlights or LED ceiling lights are bathroom rated. The Ansell Reef for example is IP65 rated and surface mounted.

This means such rated downlights are fashioned with bathrooms firmly in mind. Protecting your lights from moisture levels, they can also be used alongside bathroom extractor fans which are available with or without a light source.

Why IP65 is Essential for Bathroom Lighting

Planning the lighting for a bathroom should include selecting IP65-rated downlights in order to guarantee optimal safety and protection from water jets, dust, or other possible issues. The non IP rated lights may bring potential dangers such as infiltration of liquids or particles which could cause electrical malfunctions that put your safety at risk. Thus, choosing higher quality fixtures with a better certified rating will give you peace of mind while providing durable performance over time. IP20 rated downlights for example are only touch proof and will let in moisture. Apart from the safety issues, the moisture could harm your LEDs and cause them to fail.

Types of IP65 Downlights

Once the importance of IP65 downlights for bathroom lighting has been understood, let’s analyse what types are offered. There is a selection consisting of various styles from fixed, adjustable and surface-mounted. Each one providing unique pros that meet distinct tastes and demands of your project.

Recessed IP65 Downlights

Collingwood H2 Lite

Adding a sleek and modern appeal, bathroom downlights which are fire-rated and IP65 certified can be embedded within the ceiling of your shower or bath space. These unobtrusive lighting solutions provide a contemporary look that won’t interfere with your design plan while simultaneously offering suitable lighting for wet areas. The Collingwood H2 Lite shown above meets all of the specifications and is a very popular choice.

Surface Mounted IP65 Downlights

If you are looking for a classic aesthetic, surface-mounted IP65 downlights such as the Ansell Reef shown above could be the ideal option. These lights can withstand water and dust as well as providing protection from spray in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where humidity is also present. The waterproof nature of these downlights means that they are suitable for use wherever moisture or debris may pose an issue. They are a great backup choice for installations where cutting a recess hole into your ceiling isn't an option.

LED IP65 Downlights

LED IP65 downlights offer a stylish lighting solution that is efficient, energy-saving and provides long lasting brightness. These lights can be found in a variety of white tones to help create an inviting ambience in the bathroom. Most integrated LED downlights, which come as one complete unit are IP65 rated as standard. This doesn't mean they can only be used in bathrooms, they're just a more universal fitting that can be used in any room type from kitchens to bedrooms. Selecting LED IP65 downlighting not only looks good, but also contributes towards environmental conservation.

Popular Brands for IP65 Downlights

Ansell LightingAurora LightingCollingwood Lighting

Forum LightingIntegral LEDJCC Lighting

When picking the perfect IP65 downlight for your bathroom, it is recommended to choose a dependable brand offering superior products. Collingwood Lighting has become a well-known option especially with their great selection of integrated LED downlights. Other leading brands like Ansell Lighting, Aurora Lighting, Forum, JCC Lighting and Integral LED are also worth considering.

Each brand has their standout offering such as the Ansell Prism Pro, Aurora R6, Collingwood H2 Lite, Forum Eden (shown below), JCC V50 and Integral Luxury (shown further below).


Collingwood IP65 Downlights

Collingwood H2 Lite

For those in search of stylish lighting for their bathroom, Collingwood Lighting offers a wide selection of IP65 downlights that are renowned for being both reliable and high-quality. Crafted from only the best LED chips and materials to ensure long life expectancy, investing in this brand means you’re getting the most best value for your pound.

Some popular picks include the Fire Rated H4 Lite Adjustable LED Downlight as well as the H2 Lite CSP LED Downlights which features colour temperature and wattage switching capabilities. With so many choices available at such great quality, why look elsewhere?

Recommended Models of Top Lighting Brands

When it comes to finding the perfect IP65 downlight for your bathroom, there are several well-known brands that offer a range of choices. Ansell Lighting, Aurora Lighting, JCC Lighting and Integral LED provide high-quality models suitable for different tastes and budgets. Collingwood is among these reputable manufacturers who have an extensive selection in this regard. But if you don't like the idea of the fully integrated design, you might want to consider the GU10 option. GU10 downlights are made up from two separate components, the downlight housing and the GU10 LED. If the LED bulb fails, you replace it, rather than replacing the entire fitting.

Some standout GU10 downlights include the Aurora EFD Pro, JCC FireGuard and Integral EvoFire. Taking into consideration all these options can help you find just what you need as far as lighting requirements go! The Integral Evofire is available in a wide range of hole cut out sizes in 3 different model types. With a miniature MR11 version that has a 45mm cut out size, the EvoFire standard with a 70mm hole size and the EvoFire large for hole sizes of 70mm to 100mm. These are ideal for use when replacing downlights with larger hole sizes as you don't need to use a hole converter plate.

How to Choose the Right IP65 Downlight for Your Bathroom

Modern bathroom lighting example

Now that you have an understanding of IP65 downlights, it is time to decide which one will be the most suitable option for your bathroom. Before making a decision, analyse what features would best suit your particular space and style as well as any additional aspects that may matter to you. Such as: do you want a particular colour temperature or beam angle? Do you want any adjustable downlights that allow you to direct the angle of light onto an area other than directly downwards?

Assessing Your Bathroom's Requirements

When deciding on the lighting in your bathroom, several factors should be taken into account. The size of the space and activities conducted within it will help determine how much brightness is needed. Choosing a color temperature that produces an atmosphere suitable for you is also important, if you want to have a relaxing bath, you should seriously consider LEDs with a dim to warm function. They dim in colour temperature as they dim in brightness, producing a unparalleled warm and relaxing vibe. The highly rated Philips 4.9W GU10, Collingwood Dusk to Warm downlight or Integral WarmTone downlight feature this technology.

Not forgetting the beam angle, which is another important consideration, wider beams like 40 degrees helps to create pools of light rather than blinding rays. This allows for a calmer setting overall. If you got a larger bathroom, you should go for brighter downlights with wider beam angles and space them out further. This allows you to installer fewer downlights while achieving a greater uniformity of light.

Low glare downlights are another way of creating a more relaxing vibe. These modern looking downlights have the LED light source positioned slightly back within the downlight structure which reduces glare from the LED to your eyes. The EvoFire shown below is also IP65 rated and ticks all of the boxes for a highly recommended bathroom downlight.

Ultimately, by considering all these aspects, you are able to ensure perfect lighting for your room whilst fulfilling its desired purpose.

Matching Your Bathroom's Style

After determining what your bathroom needs, the next step is to select an IP65 downlight that works with the style of your space. From modern designs to more traditional looks, there are plenty of options available in order for you to find a piece that complements your taste and gives off just the right amount of vibrancy when turned on.

Choosing lighting which fits into both form and function can be used as an opportunity to create some visual cohesion between other elements making the entire design come together rather than creating a disjointed eyesore where different finishes and styles clash.

Considering Additional Features

When looking for a downlight suitable to meet the requirements of your bathroom, as well as its style, additional aspects such as dimmability, energy efficiency and smart controls should be taken into account.

Dimmable lighting can bring multiple advantages: create an inviting atmosphere according to what you prefer, alter it remotely through connected technology and preset times, reduce electricity bills and embrace a more convenient way of controlling your lights, even while your in the bath itself. Lightwave smart switches can be used very successfully in a bathroom, either wired version for outside the room or you can position Lightwave wire-free switches inside the bathroom. This is because they're battery powered, which gets around any wiring complications. Then you can control your lights from your smartphone or voice and embrace the world of home automation.


Installation Tips for IP65 Downlights

Integral Evofire installation

For safe and efficient installation of IP65 downlights, it is essential to employ a professional electrician while understanding the relevant bathroom zones. This will ensure that your downlight setup is fitted correctly with no risks posed. Most modern, higher quality downlights come with wiring connectors rather than old fashioned terminals. Wiring connectors shown with the Integral EvoFire above will save you time and effort during your installation and if you're fitting integrated LED downlights you can simply unplug them from the ceiling if they ever fail and need replacing. Avoiding the need to get an electrician back in to disconnect them from the mains.

Understanding Bathroom Zones

Bathroom lighting must be correctly placed so that it meets the necessary safety requirements, and this is only achievable by understanding bathroom zones. These designated areas help you choose where to place IP65 downlights according to their water-resistance capabilities. To make sure your lights are in the correct locations for optimal security and effectiveness, adhere to these regulations when installing them into a space like a bathroom. Doing so provides an overall safe yet functional lighting solution with IP65 downlights that suit such conditions.

Bathroom Ventilation

A vitally important yet often overlooked component in a bathroom are extractor fans. They provide ventilation, helping to minimise condensation and keep your bathroom mould free. Many bathrooms have inadequate ventilation that barely pulls any moisture out of the room, this causes moisture to build up. If you're always having to open your window after taking a shower, then consider upgrading your bathroom extractor fans.

bathroom extractor fan downlight

bathroom fan LED downlight

Bathroom Extractor Fan Upgrade Tips

Don't just fit the cheapest extractor fan that you can find or it won't be up to the job. These cheaper fans are better suited for smaller toilets to get rid of smells rather than ventilating a room with a shower or bath. You want to consider a high performance inline fan, centrifugal fan or a bathroom LED downlight fan kit. You may also want to consider using rigid ducting instead of flexible. Flexible ducting is flimsy and can collapse overtime, reducing the extraction rate of your fan. This combination will immediately expel the steam while its getting generating and preventing it from building up in the first place.


It is essential to select the perfect IP65 downlight that suits your bathroom’s aesthetics and provides safe lighting. Start by researching the best brands on the market and you'll get a quality product at a competitive price that's going to last.

Make sure your installation follows all protocols and consider the latest Building Regulations. Ideally you should go for fire rated downlights for any domestic installation. If you've got thermal installation (which you should have), you should choose insulation coverable downlights or purchase a LoftLid which allows the insulation to sit right on top of your downlights without creating a fire hazard.

This will most likely involve hiring an electrician who can expertly install these lights correctly in order for them to function optimally. With the right selection of IP65 downlights in place, you’ll be able to achieve both safety and style while improving overall ambiance in your bathroom area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of downlights do I need for bathroom?

For the highest level of security and operation in your bathroom, it is suggested that you use ceiling lighting with an IP rating no less than 44. If placing downlights directly over a bathtub or shower area, then opt for something rated at least 65 on the same scale. Maintaining these standards ensures maximum safety and efficiency within any bathing environment.

Do I need IP44 or IP65 for bathroom?

Bathrooms should have an IP65 rating for optimal safety. In Zone 2, which is up to 0.6m from the outside of a bathtub and with a maximum height of 2.25m from the ground, then at least an IP44 rating is required by law as minimum standard protection against electric shocks or fire hazard risks.

Can you use IP20 downlights in bathroom?

For lighting in a bathroom, downlights with an IP20 rating are acceptable in certain zones unless you’ll be using a spray hose to clean the area. In such cases, it is recommended that fixtures should have at least an IP65 water-resistant rating for safety. We don't recommend IP20 rated downlights in bathroom due to moisture but legally they can be used in certain areas.

Can you put an extractor fan over a shower?

You can put an extractor fan over a shower, but it must be on a fused spur located outside the bathroom and have the correct IP rating for the bathroom zone (usually IPX4 or above). Additionally, if it is to have a pull cord, this should be installed in the room but away from the shower area.

What are the different types of IP65 downlights?

Downlights with an IP65 rating are available in fixed (which point directly downlights) and adjustable (which tilt at an angle). They're available in GU10 which have replaceable LEDs or as integrated which are one complete unit. There are pros and cons to each design such as physical depth, brightness and style.