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Downlights – Fire Rated Downlights & Non Fire Rated

If you are searching for quality downlights, then you have come to the right place. Here at Downlights.co.uk we sell fantastic lighting solutions for homes and businesses, and you can find out all the information you need about these lights, including whether they are fire rated downlights or non-fire rated.

What is the Difference?

When choosing downlights it is important to know whether you want fire rated downlights or non-fire rated. Fire rated downlights are used widely to restore a ceiling’s fire integrity. This is linked to the fact that cutting a hole in a ceiling for a light can cause a fire hazard. Such a hole can allow fire to pass through it, meaning a fire could spread further than if no such holes existed. Fire rated downlights take this potential hazard into consideration and they seal the hole to prevent and slow the spread of fire.

So of course, non-fire rated downlights are those that don’t create such a seal, and which are thus potentially more dangerous if a fire was to occur. Fire rated lights would slow the burning of a building and give inhabitants more time to escape, which could be vital.

Buy Fire Rated and Non-Fire Rated Downlights Online

Here at Downlights.co.uk we offer a range of top quality fire rated downlights which cost just a little more than non-fire rated ones. The choice is yours and either type is available to you right here, so shop online today.

Fire rated downlights only cost a little bit more than none fire rated and most electrical contractors will only install downlights that are fire rated. You can order fully fire rated downlights or add a fire hood or loft cap to non fire rated ones.

Which Downlight?

Can't decide which downlight to choose or want to know more about LED downlights? Check out our guide which explains some of the terminologies and phrases used on this site and compares our best selling ones:

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Building Regulations & Further Information

To find out further technical information about fire rated downlights including information about Building Regulations CLICK HERE.

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