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LED downlights are a clean, environmentally friendly, low energy alternative to halogen. Halogens are addicted to energy and waste around 90% of it in heat, that's why the exact same type of technology can be used in heaters.

The European Commission (EC) ruled that directional halogen lamps such as the popular GU10 cap were to be banned from production from September 2016. This has also happened with other halogen style lamps such as GLS light bulbs and candles. This leaves LED as your only viable alternative.

With this ban now firmly in place, many more consumers have been making the upgrade from halogen to LED downlights. At Downlights.co.uk we offer a large selection of GU10 and integrated LED downlights from the UK's leading brands. We can offer expert advice and help you choose the best options for you.

Which Downlight?

LED technology has slowed down in recent years. Manufacturers have reached a peak in what they can improve in terms of efficiency. The biggest improvements for premium downlights brands like Aurora, Collingwood and JCC Lighting are improved wiring connectors and colour temperature switching capabilities. While maintaining a competitive pricing point, these manufacturers are able to offer something more, something better than the rest.

If you can't decide which recessed downlight to choose or if you would like to know more about LED downlights, check out our very latest 360° Downlight Guide below which explains some of the terminologies and phrases used within the lighting industry. Comparing the UK's market leading brands and the latest technology they feature:

Our extensive range includes many variations of downlight types such as fixed, adjustable, trim-less (plaster-in) bathroom and many more. The next generation of downlights that are gradually taking over are smart downlights which can be controlled from a smart phone. They have many additional features, no longer are you restricted to switching and dimming, you can now change colours or colour temperatures to meet the demands of your lighting application at any point of the day.

As mentioned in our guide, connectivity should be a key decision when choosing downlights. Cheap downlights have very basic screw terminal connectors that take longer to wire. While new modern downlights such as the Aurora MPRO and JCC V50 come with a high quality wiring connector. You can wire one part of the connector into your ceiling and plug the other connector in which is fitted to the downlight when your ready to do the final fix. These are also more advantageous with integrated downlights because if they do eventually ever fail you can simply disconnect them from the ceiling. Then reconnect a new one without having to rewire or get an electrician involved.

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